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Rodgers Disappointed by Missed Chances After Frustrating Draw

Brendan Rodgers skipped the grand speeches and instead stuck to simple, straightforward facts as he sought to describe Liverpool's troubles after Thursday night's draw with FC Sion.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

An honest post-match interview is seemingly a difficult proposition, and the subjectivity of perception permeates most managers' press conferences, to the chagrin of fans both hostile and friendly. It's the four-leaf clover of managerial interactions with the media.

Brendan Rodgers has, fairly or unfairly, but mostly fairly, a reputation for both prolixity and myopia, so it always comes as a bit of a surprise when he pulls out what seems like objective truth, as he did after Liverpool's home draw with FC Sion on Thursday night.

"We’re disappointed with the result

"The story of the game was pretty obvious; we started the game well, got in front, gave away a poor goal and then created chances throughout the game and should have maybe won comfortably.

"But, unfortunately, we ended up drawing the game and we’re frustrated in the end."

Frustrated at missed chances is right. One of the main culprits on the night was 20-year old striker Divock Origi, who, despite setting up Adam Lallana for the game's only goal and generally looking lively, failed on all three occasions where a goal could reasonably be expected. Again though, Rodgers hit all the right notes in answering honestly without throwing his player under the bus.

"Divock has come in and obviously had limited chances, these are the games that he’s getting experience in

"The next step for him is about finishing. It was good to see his great quality and skill for the first goal, he made the assist and then had a few good chances after that.

"He knows that’s a part of his game he’s looking to improve, because he worked very hard, ran in behind really well and got into some great positions. When you get those opportunities at this level, you’ve got to be able to take them."

The final result may not have been what fans expected, and promising performances will only carry with them so much goodwill, but at least it will be harder to complain about the manager's choice of words after the game.

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