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Rank Youth Chances Under Klopp

Which of the four young, unproven players on Liverpool's bench against Tottenhm are going to flourish under Klopp.

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Yesterday's clean sheet away point at White Hart Lane found Liverpool's bench options to be replete with young names with a lot to prove. As Klopp admits to relishing giving players from this demographic a chance to be the next big thing, who do you think will make it from yesterday's foursome?

Jordon Ibe clearly is in the driver's seat as the current crown prince from the youth academy. Jerome Sinclair was supposed to be closely on his heels, but appeared to have become devalued by the end of the Brendan Rodgers era. João Carlos Teixeira, has the sort of agricultural mindset and ballskill combination that could be a natural fit for what Liverpool were doing in the first 20 minutes of yesterday's match. And Connor Randall may be unfancied, but he happens to play a position that Liverpool are desperately thin in, and do we need any further examples of how injuries can create minutes for back ups this season?

None of these guys are guaranteed anything, but with a new manager arriving, they should be gunning to make the most of the opportunity at hand. In particular after the initial returns of the Klopp era is so obviously suited to the fresh legs and minds of the age and experience level that all of these guys are still in. And everything about Klopp's introduction indicates that it is going to be a fun ride sussing out the haves from the have nots in this crew. Put another way, everything is cool.

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