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Klopp Satisfied With First Liverpool Result

In his post-game comments, Jürgen Klopp expressed his satisfaction with his new team's performance after their 0-0 draw at White Hart Lane.

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In his first game at the helm, Jürgen Klopp oversaw a 0-0 draw at White Hart Lane which, while not the exciting result fans were hoping to witness, showed some signs of improvement. First and foremost, Liverpool's shaky defense kept a clean sheet for the first time in nine games - two of which were against the likes of Carlisle United and FC Sion.

In his post-game press conference, Klopp acknowledged the positives from the team's performance even while reiterating that the team only had two days to train together in preparation.

"I’m satisfied with the start and it was not the worst sign.

"I knew we only had three days and Tottenham are very strong, a well-tuned team, so I knew it could be difficult. But I’m really satisfied because the start was brilliant and we surprised them a little bit – we wanted to go on the second ball.

"Divock, Phil [Coutinho] and Adam [Lallana] worked perfectly in the three, good positions for them. They did well. The problem was that when we had the ball, we were not cool enough and we didn’t use our skills. We were a little bit too hectic. We didn’t see the right option, but it’s normal.

"We had our moments. From a very good corner we hit the post and there were some other situations where we could have been a little bit better, but for today it’s okay.

"Now we have our own game, our own experience, together and now we can go on working."

Klopp will surely be pleased with the team's performance in the first fifteen minutes of the game when Liverpool dominated the ball thanks to strong pressing, intelligent passing, and lots and lots of running. They couldn't maintain that intensity for long, but it's that glimmer of a spark that Klopp will want to work with. Over time, the squad will hopefully become more comfortable with this type of aggressive play.

Considering the injury problems that Klopp and the team have faced in the last week alone, he's right to be impressed by the way Origi, Coutinho, and Lallana all worked together up front. They didn't manage to score, but as he pointed out, they came very close during an early corner. That formation is one with definite potential, and will likely be one we'll see in cup games once Benteke, Firmino, and Henderson return from injury.

Regarding the empty scoreline, the manager was honest, if pragmatic, in his response, saying:

"Football is a results sport, so we need results, but we have to try to improve," he continued. "We have to try together, work together and do the things better that we want to see. That’s what we are doing at the moment.

"A nought on the right side [of the scoreline] is okay, for sure, but on the other side it doesn’t give you the same feeling.

"I know Liverpool have not scored the most goals this season, but football can be enjoyable and spectacular without goals if you play well and have good moments. Of course, our target is to have the nil on the right side and on the other side, another number!

"For the moment, it’s more important for development to become stable. We needed Mignolet and a very strong game from him [today], but we can make it better when we play better football. We are able to play better football but today, after three days [training], it is okay."

Mignolet and Sakho both put in exceptional performances, with the Frenchman surely cementing his place as first choice even when Dejan Lovren again becomes available. Despite a few shaky moments when the defense looked ready to go Full Liverpool, in the end, Spurs were held at bay for the full 90 minutes.

As the new manager said, there are times when 0-0 isn't the worst result, and considering the team's recent performances, the amount of players out with injury, and the abbreviated training time, a point away at White Hart Lane and a clean sheet were both quite welcomed today.

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