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Five for Friday: Liverpool's Best Goals Against Tottenham Hotspur

Need a pick me up after the double injury news from Thursday? Re-live past glory as we revisit some of Liverpool's most enjoyable goals against Spurs in the last few seasons.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Fever Pitch, the Colin Firth one, features one of my favourite football insults of all time. As young Paul and his father dine on fish and chips ahead of Paul's first ever Arsenal match, they find themselves seated with a group of old curmudgeons who are lamenting the talents of an underperforming player. The crankiest of the bunch turns to Paul and says, "His name is Jon Sammels. Remember his face, and if you happen to bump into him, tell him to sod off to Spurs!"

Sod off to Spurs, indeed. Liverpool are headed to White Hart Lane on Saturday afternoon for Jürgen Klopp's first ever match at the helm of his new club, and fan excitement is at fever pitch for the first time since perhaps Liverpool's title run in 2014. What better way to celebrate than with some of the most memorable Liverpool goals against Spurs from recent seasons?

5) Stewart Downing, March 10, 2013 — Liverpool 3, Tottenham 2

Did you have any recollection that this goal even existed? Me neither. When you watch it, you'll remember why it faded from memory so quickly.

4) Jordan Henderson, March 30, 2014 — Liverpool 4, Tottenham 0

Remember when Liverpool were good at set pieces? No? Maybe this will remind you, as a pre-captaincy Hendo scored from a direct free kick because of course he did.

3) Alberto Moreno, August 31, 2014 — Tottenham 0, Liverpool 3

Liverpool's summer arrival ran approximately ten thousand miles up the pitch to score the final goal of the match, getting Moreno off to a bright start in his new career in Red.

2) Luis Suarez, December 15, 2013 — Tottenham 0, Liverpool 5

Suarez scored two in Liverpool's 5-0 rout of Spurs that day, but it was his second that was pure delight as he chipped the ball over the keeper's head for a lovely, looping fourth goal for the Reds that day.

1) Jon Flanagan, December 15, 2013 — Tottenham 0, Liverpool 5

Could there be any other? Though Flanno's goal was not the final nail in the Spurs coffin that day, Liverpool's third goal of the match would be remembered not just for Flanagan's first ever goal for the club, but also for the amazingly exuberant team-wide goal celebration that followed.

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