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The Week in Comments: "2 Being 2 Liverpool: Tokyo Klopp"

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We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Talks Reportedly Progressing Smoothly with Jürgen Klopp

Never tested outside Germany
Sky Sports and other British sports talkers are worried Klopp might find football very different in the UK. They point to the only other German to manage in the BPL, Felix Magath, who failed to win a single title with mighty Fulham. "He never understood", said one London journo, "that we don’t let goaltenders use tubas here. And there’s no breaks in games where everyone eats bratwurst and gets served beer by women wearing lederhosen." Klopp, it is understood by sources close to Liverpool, will be given a crash course in British football which will include, but not be limited to, rain, cold, Ryan Shawcross karate kicks, stiff upper lips, people yelling "get stuck in", and a lot of energetic, though rather aimless, running about.

— Canapool

Breaking: Klopp Agrees Liverpool Deal

Luis Suarez Dentist: how about a Being Liverpool follow up. being Klopp?

Jooseppi : 2 Being 2 Liverpool: Tokyo Klopp

Official: Jürgen Klopp Appointed Liverpool Manager

for all the "still a big club" talk in the last five or six years, this might be one of the only true "actually a big club" things Liverpool have done

— Ed
As I look at Klopp in actual-not-photoshopped-but-actual Liverpool gear, even the best attempts of my right hand cannot contain my smile. I don’t care if it’s just potential, I don’t care that nothing has yet to be accomplished on the pitch. We got our guy, and it is as good a match as any in sports. I don’t care about the cynics. I don’t care that this hope is engraved into the internet and may one day seem foolish, and nor should anyone else. After all, we are Liverpool, and it is not the trophies, but hope that bonds our hearts together. Walk On, you crazy Reds, Walk on.

— Skrtel's Favorite Staple

Klopp Prepared to Use Youth Players Regularly

I’m really looking forward to Klopp casting a fresh appraising eye over the talents of all the players we have at our disposal, young and old. Hopefully we’ll see some players given chances who couldn’t get a look in before, and maybe a few players will have their roles tweaked to get more out of them. These are exciting times.

This might sound a little paranoid, but for a long while I had been wondering about Rogers’ treatment of the non-British youth players. We have lots of talented youngsters from all around the world, but so far as I can recall only the British ones ever really got given much chance to prove themselves under Rogers. He put faith in players like Sterling, Ibe and Gomez, and Rossiter was starting to get more game time, but players like Teixeira, Ilori and Suso seemed pretty well shut out, despite some strong performances. Marko commanded such a high transfer fee that he was bound to get some game time, but even he wasn’t given much of a chance to show what he could do before he was unceremoniously bundled off to Fenerbahce.

Maybe I’m just seeing correlation and assuming causation. In any case, I’m really looking forward to seeing the deck shuffled by a new pair of hands.

— WelshRed

Jürgen Klopp on Transfers: "I Have the First and the Last Word"

legendarywalton: This is going to be a tidy little combo...

DouglasQuaid: No pants rec

Klopp Dines with New Colleagues

Man, Klopp was even able to bring TLO back to its roots as a food blog. Damn this guy is good!

— G-Loff

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Klopp to Kop Gündo?an and Reus?

I have a lot to say on this matter.

The reason why we’re all excited about Klopp is because of what he has achieved and we hope that he can do it again. To me, what Borussia did was find players, make them into great players and win with them. Raiding Borussia to try to get some of that magic is like trying to take a short-cut – it’s like raiding a casino and clearing their vaults and missing the point that this casino makes that money daily.

Do we want to build a system of scouting, player identification, transfers and football style that can achieve what Borussia has achieved or do we just want the result, i.e. – just give us the fruit, we don’t need to learn how to farm. What happens when Klopp’s Borussia golden era guys run out? Then we find the next Klopp and try to get him and get him to bring his guys over?

Is this the new system? Instead of hiring a manager, we just pick a team and bring half the team over with their manager?

Great managers can repeat the act – the search, the find and the making of a team. Less great managers try to bring their team with them everywhere (Redknapp – Crouch, Defoe, Kranjcar, etc).

Let’s take Kagawa for example. Do we want the club to be like Borussia who found him for €350,000 and won two league titles with him? Or do we want to be the red club that bought him later for €16m?

Do you want a farmer to help us farm or do we just want the fruit of his previous harvests?

— miroslavcloser

Staff Comment

Klopp’s Arrival Means the End for Rodgers’ Assistants

Klopp drops Kop flops for top swaps

— Nerf

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