The Library a.k.a. Informational Goodness You Did Not Know Existed

You may spend most of your time on the main page, you may occasionally check out Fan Posts, you might even more rarely check out Fan Shots, but have you ever made a stop at the TLO Library? If not, you may be missing out, as there's lots of good info in there that never makes it to the front page of our site.

Physio Room: Liverpool Injuries (New!)
Just today we added a new section that includes an injury tracker with estimated time of returns, great for quickly looking up who is officially out of commission and, more importantly, when they might be back and available to play.

How to Buy Liverpool Tickets
My lengthy list of tips and tricks for foreign fans attempting to make the greatest pilgrimage of their lives: a trip to Anfield.

Links & Resources
We've got links to other Liverpool sites you may be interested in reading (before coming right back to TLO), as well as a list of Liverpool-related resources for Hillsborough information, club history and stats, and various supporter campaigns.

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