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The Week in Comments: "even Wayne Routledge joined #TeamNoPants"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Liverpool 4, Swansea City 1: The Emperor's New Groove

Coutinho was so good even Wayne Routledge joined #TeamNoPants

— BloodRunsRed

Lallana Believes Liverpool Have Found the Answer

And it’s him. He’s the answer.

— Jason B

Liverpool 2, Leicester City 2: First Thoughts

After Swansea
i think it’s fair to say this team is brimming with potential.
After today, I think it’s fair to say we will not reach that potential while Stevie is in the squad, let alone playing the full 90.

— max-o, in a moment of clairvoyance

Liverpool 4, Swansea City 1: Rank the Performances

max-o: who is down voting Coutinho and Lallana???

Petsen2: Angel Rangel

Steven Gerrard to Leave Liverpool at the End of the Season

'13 we lost Carra, '14 we lost Agger, '15 we lose Gerrard. This is the worst.

No one player is bigger than the club, but some run it damn close. There’s no doubt his star is fading, but the gratitude for all he has done for this club, the matches he dragged us through when no one else stood up, the times he stayed when all the quality around him left, the second place finishes under Houllier, Rafa and Rodgers, the illusive title that seems will never be his. These are what he’ll be remembered for and will always be a club legend. Hopefully one day he returns to inspire the next generation of young Scousers, and maybe then he gets his title, on the staff.

I hope he has an incredibly successful time in the USA and the squad develops and evolves without him. Thanks for the memories Captain Fantastic, you beauty!

— PeterRed
Imagine carrying a team for an entire decade. And whilst doing so, repeatedly turning down opportunities for megabucks and megatrophies. All whilst supplying sumptuous through balls for David Ngog to trip over.

And then you can feel the decline coming, and all you’re thinking is "This isn’t fucking fair. I carried you. Look what I gave up to carry you. Now carry me. At least for a bit. Please."

Top level sport ain’t always fair. Nor life neither.

— Rommeldinho

Jordan Henderson "Shocked" At Steven Gerrard's Departure, Has Huge Shoes To Fill

Rommeldinho: When we eventually win the league in 2016/17...
...I suspect Jordan might be first name on the bench rather than first name in the XI.
If I were Brendan, I would bide my time regarding next year’s captaincy.

Agent moyes: There is a good chance of that considering there is about 30 Jordan’s at the club

Carragher Urges Liverpool to Look Close to Home for Gerrard Replacement

We have all seen the need to rest Gerrard, and until recently BR refused

We thought it was because he didn’t have the guts to do it to the team leader, legend, and fan favorite, but maybe this was the scenario he wanted to avoid, Gerrard leaving when he is no longer a nailed on starter for every match. In BR’s mind, it is likely that overplaying Gerrard was better than no Gerrard at all, so that is what we were getting. Maybe with the cachet of last year and the poor form of the first couple months the risk/reward finally weighed on the side of resting Gerrard.

I disagree with Carra that there was an agreement that could have been reached to make sure he stayed, unless it was that BR picks him for all league matches and all meaningful FA and European cup matches. It seems that Gerrard wants to be one of the most important cogs of the team on the pitch, and going forward there wasn’t a good way for LFC to guarantee that.

— Quicksloth

Staff Comment

Watch: Adam Lallana vs. Swansea City

bob ross of football an shit.
"you know what would be nice? if we just added a little outside of the boot english on this pass along the touchline right here. see? isn’t that just wonderful? how about a couple jukes to the right to see if the defense will fall for it? don’t you just love how the defense falls for it every time? a little left, aaand there – goal. that’ll be our little secret. on the football pitch, you have unlimited power. use your right foot or your left. and that makes the assists and the goals. He. Ha. isn’t that sneaky? It’s gorgeous. decide where your tackles come in from mr. defender. oh the right – ok! he. Ha. Isn’t that so alive now? You can almost hear the wind rustling along the grass now. gorgeous."

— latortillablanca

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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