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Pre-Wimbledon Overnight Open Thread

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Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kick off from Kingsmeadow.

Ker Robertson/Getty Images

1) Will Brendan Rodgers use two or three centre backs, and who fills those roles?

2) Who will start to make sure that Liverpool have a midfield that can midfield?

3) Will Rickie Lambert be the poster child for the magic of the FA Cup?

4) Which player(s) will start the game but should really be on the bench (or not in the line-up) for this match?

5) How many substitutions will Brendan Rodgers use?

Bonus: Kingsmeadow is also known as Cherry Red Records Stadium for sponsorship purposes. Cherry Red Records is a London-based independent record label, featuring at one time or another The Dead Kennedys, Tears for Fears, and even La Toya Jackson. What's your favourite band?