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Rumour Mongering: Lavezzi to Liverpool Links Persist

Liverpool entered January being linked to Ezequiel Lavezzi and will likely exit the month still being linked to him, but he’s still not coming to Anfield.

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Losing to Chelsea in the League Cup semi-final was tough. What better as a palate cleanser than a bit of pie in the sky rumour mongering, then? All signs point to a quiet window for the club, and no journalists with ties to Anfield have lent substantiation to any of the more exciting rumours that have popped up this month, but the spirit of the transfer season says to hell with sense and what’s likely and embrace a bit of daftness.

Today’s particular brand of daft involves the club being linked to Ezequiel Lavezzi once again, continuing the oddly persistent rumours linking PSG’s Argentine winger with a move to Merseyside. It’s only been the likes of the Express and the Mirror linking the out of form 29-year-old to Liverpool all along, and he continues to be a player who wouldn’t fill a particular need for this Liverpool side, but he’s a recognisable name and he’d come for cheap.

As the rumours linking him to the club have continued, his rumoured fee has steadily shrunk, and today it’s supposedly down to a mere £14M after starting out at closer to £18M when the January window opened. One would imagine this is meant to represent PSG’s desperation to sell a player on large wages who has become something of a spare part for them. A very badly misfiring spare part with a year and a half left on his current deal.

On his current form—the form that has PSG so desperate to sell if you believe the likes of the Express and Mirror—he’d be sat on Liverpool’s bench mostly. Some may still remember the Lavezzi who was one of the world’s best wingers in his Napoli days, but his fall from grace since leaving the Serie A side has in some ways been similar to Fernando Torres’ since leaving Liverpool. The Lavezzi of today is, put simply, not the Lavezzi of four years ago.

Liverpool need a striker, or at least a player who can finish, and Levezzi isn’t that any more than he’s a goalkeeper. He is an exciting name based on what he was doing four or five years ago and the average fan knows who he is, though. So he’s got that going for him. He’s also not coming to Liverpool. At least that’s the story we’re sticking to until it’s somebody more reliable than the Express or Mirror doing the linking.

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