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The Week in Comments: "Jose Mourinho is Sam Allardyce with an unlimited budget."

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Happy Robbie Burns Day!
Happy Robbie Burns Day!
Michael Steele/Getty Images

Community Comments

Liverpool Ranked Europe’s Ninth Richest Club

Tiki Taka Masala: We’re rich? who knew? and with the added stadium capacity and other business type stuff, should be able to elevate our status… so Lacazette right?

Petsen2: Screw that, now we can afford LaDVD.

Liverpool vs. Chelsea: Capital One Cup Match Preview, Team News, and Ways to Watch

You know every once in a while Lucas will have a go from 20-30 yards out and every time I’m like, "Man, one of these days one of those is gonna go in!"

Well, it happened.

FM 15 2016 Champions League Final Don’t ask me how he’s still a nailed on starter...

30-yard stunner in the first half in a 1-0 victory.

Vs. Chelsea. on topic.

— ChrisLFC

Mourinho: Gerrard Deserves Respect of Chelsea Fans

Frankie...: Blue is the colour isn't a chant
It’s just a song the club plays before and after a game, bit like glory glory Man United.
There are obviously plenty, plenty of other songs, but never mind. I realise this is a Liverpool blog, so I’ll see myself out.

Walter Sobchak: No, please, sing them for us

Liverpool 1, Chelsea 1: First Thoughts

Jose Mourinho is Sam Allardyce with an unlimited budget.

— Chicken Red

Liverpool 1, Chelsea 1: Rank the Performances

Top two are tied. I've never felt this much power.

— He_Drinks_Sangria

Suso Reveals Reasons for Leaving Liverpool

Amelia L: He just got tired of losing to Jose Enrique in FIFA
The losing was tough, Enrique’s constant tweeting about the results put him over the edge.
I love you Jose Enrique.

ChrisLFC: First thing he did was sub himself into the Liverpool lineup. Poor strategy.

Philippe Coutinho Close to New Contract With Liverpool

After the Chelsea match the other night...

..the little magician was snapped out on the town with lovely wife Aine (sp?) outside footballer’s favorite restaurant San Carlo in Liverpool. What made the photo special to me was that young Philippe was wearing his Liverpool blazer out to dinner. A true company man. For the love of Fowler sign him up! No brainer. If he wants more years and more ££ just do it.

Do it.

— totokia

Pre-Bolton Overnight Open Thread

"An all-alpaca band? I'd nab a cap!" -Lallana

— TwistAndKuyt, who had a whole slew of LFC-related palindromes.

Liverpool 0, Bolton 0: First Thoughts

Well they had an advantage
They have Gudjohnsen, we have Badjohnson

— BloodRunsRed
CaptainFantastic8: We could have lost 5-0 and the announcers still would have been what angered me the most about the game. I had to mute the last 5 minutes after I got fed up about the tenth time they questioned not bringing on Lambert with the magical fourth sub.

Will Gregorich: Perhaps they were onto something. Kevin Friend clearly didn’t know what was going on all match. He may have allowed a 4th sub.

Rodgers Confuses Again with Post-Bolton Balotelli Comments

This 'throwing him under the bus' could be a useful tactic against Chelsea.

— wolf-in-wolf's-clothing

Staff Comment

Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Make Shock Second Try for Mkhitaryan

The One with Recycled Rumors About the Ross Lookalike

— Ed

Gif of the Week

(via Xabi's Red Beard)


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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