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Suso Reveals Reasons for Leaving Liverpool

The former Liverpool forward wasted no time in sharing the reasons he chose to depart for a fashionable Italian destination as he embarks on his AC Milan career.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

The reasons a football player may leave his club can usually be boiled down into three categories: he wants to go somewhere he can win things, he is unhappy with his playing time, or he's being offered a pretty sweet pay day that his current club is unwilling to match. There's a different explanation every once in a while, but by and large you can count on one (or all) of the three common reasons coming into play.

It's not surprising in the slightest, then, that Suso's reasons for departing Liverpool hit two of the three reasons. Though his departure was only made official on Saturday, Suso has already taken the time to briefly share his reasons.

"My contract was set to expire in June and Liverpool’s offers did not satisfy me, neither economically nor in a sporting sense," Suso explained to Marca. "I arrived very much as a boy and I have learned a lot. I have grown, but I have not noticed a lot of trust in me. I wanted a change of scenery. And Milan offers me everything that I needed.

"I am very grateful to Liverpool, I have left great friends there. But now I think only about making my Milan debut."

His playing time was notably minimal, and the news that he did not feel trusted confirms much rampant fan speculation that despite stretches of being fit and available, he barely registered on his manager's radar. Liverpool could hardly have been expected to offer a decent wage increase to a player who rarely makes the team sheet, but one wonders if the promise of increased playing time with a marginal increase would have changed the perspective of the young Spaniard.

Despite not getting what he wanted from his former club, it sounds as though he left on good terms. Whether that means keeping the door open for a return in the future or simply that he'll visit often and spend time at Knowsley Safari Park with BFF Jose Enrique is anyone's guess, but it's nice to know that Suso isn't as bitter as his freedom hoodie suggests.

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