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Rest of Saturday Open Thread: Sit Back and Relax Edition

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With Liverpool's win in the books, it's time to enjoy the rest the day has to offer, including Southampton's visit to Newcastle United.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

The rest of the matches that ran parallel to Liverpool's didn't go particularly well, as Spurs found a late winner and Manchester United added a goal in the final moments at QPR to earn a 2-0 win. Newcastle might be able to steal a point or three off Southampton (5:30PM GMT/12:30PM EST) though, which would leave Liverpool in good standing as they continue their improved run of form. Divock Origi could feature for Lille as they travel to Lorient (7:00PM GMT/2:00PM EST).

For a full rundown of the day's games and viewing options visit LiveSoccerTV, and as a reminder, archived open threads can be found in the Sections menu at the top of every page.