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Pre-Aston Villa Overnight Open Thread

Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kick off from Villa Park.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

1) Two or three CBs, and which ones?

2) Lucas in midfield with Gerrard up front, or Lucas and Gerrard double pivot because we can't have nice things?

3) Who joins Raheem Sterling up front, assuming he's back from Jamaica?

4) Mario Balotelli, Rickie Lambert, or Fabio Borini?

5) Final score?

Bonus: You can thank Aston Villa's success at the turn of the 20th century for the abominable combination of claret and blue that was adopted by various clubs across England. Claret and blue bring a bit of variety to a sport often awash in blue, red, and white, but what other colours would you like to see more of in kit designs? See also: these classic beauties.

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