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The Week in Comments: "Flucking Flantastic"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Alex Livesey

Community Comments

Moreno: "I Had a Point to Make"

Make up for a defensive mistake by scoring a goal
It’s the Brendan Rodgers way.

— Chief Ralphie the Red

Liverpool's Summer 2014 Transfer Window in Review

What's "LACKED AMBITION" choice >:-(

— wolf-in-wolf's-clothing, on the poll options in rating Liverpool's transfer window

Sturridge Ruled Out of England's Qualifier v. Switzerland

"the one area of weakness remaining is one that's unfortunately popped up yet again today"
His tendency to occasionally play for England?

— RogerTheShrubber
wdchen09: If we are going diamond, and that would be my personal preference, I tend to agree with you. Borini’s movements, pace, and versatility would seem to work better with balo than Rickie Lambert.
That said, I don’t know anything.

stugots05: You are officially qualified to manage England.

Flanagan: "I'm More Determined Now Than Ever"

Pocket Carra

dude’s had nothing but haters and odds stacked against him from day 1 in the first team, so naturally he’ll just kick on and have a cradle-to-the-grave career in red.

Flucking Flantastic.

— latortillablanca

Lallana Features in 1-0 Closed-Doors Win Over Wolves at Melwood

Ed: What are we looking at?

PeterRed: The Wolves player trying to bite Balo's foot?

jeremy.wyenberg: "you're doing it wrong" - Luis Suarez

Mario Balotelli Settling in at Liverpool

Slipped and his lips got hurt from Flanno’s face

— tkired on whether or not Suarez kissed Flanno after the latter's goal v Spurs

Previewing Liverpool's Deadline Day

I heard Arsenal are struggling to get in touch with Wenger because he refused to pay over the odds for roaming data.

— Nerf

Enrique Ready to Work Hard and Wait for His Chance

Injuries aside I think he has the potential to be our finest ever second choice left back simultaneously covering as third choice left sided midfielder all the while dreaming of making it as a back-up dancer in the Magic Mike sequel as a pectoral understudy to Matthew McConaughey... Dance on Sir, dance on for the children...

— Annbrook

Liverpool Sign Spanish Starlet

AndyField: With a name that rhymes with Honey Badger you can’t go wrong.

Conspiratorial: Oh honey, madger don’t give a shit

Touré Talks Trabzonspor and Teammates

Balotelli has yet to have a fanbase claim him

Especially not in the way Reds fans do. I think, perhaps, what Balotelli needs is not the correct kind of coach (although I think Brendao can do great things for him), but Balo needs to hear YNWA greet him as he fails, as he will do. Time and time again, fans have belittled him for his race and for his antics. No fanbase has shown that he can be part of a family. That is something that only we can give.

— MarineChiefsFan

Staff Comment

The 2014/15 Complete Guide to Buying a Liverpool Kit

That’s actually literally the greatest moment of my life. Article mistaken for one of Trev’s. I can quit now.

— Jake


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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