The Return of Neb's 28 Point Improvement Spreadsheet

Last season Neb proposed, quite reasonably, that Liverpool would increase their point total from the previous season by 28 points. Many scoffed at the idea, but a few picked up the mantle of his brilliant insight and ran with it. Many took it too far...

After a member of the TLO commentariat (it was Wides, I think?) created a Fanpost with a handy spreadsheet to keep track of Neb's prediction, I created one too based off of his hard work and posted it up in the clouds. The main difference between Wides' work and mine was I included three projections that used three different ways to predict the final point total.

The first is the Projection(c), which is simply last season's points plus whatever we've gained/lost up to the current match. right now it has us at 87 points.

The second is the Super Projection(tm), and honestly I'm not sure what the heck it is trying to do. This early into the season it is telling us we'll have 122 points by season's end. And some people call Neb optimistic!

The third is called the Super Duper Projection(r), and it proved to be the most accurate as the season wore on. It's taking the points we actually gained and dividing it by the points we could have gained. That ratio is then multiplied by the sum of all available points and added to the total. Right now it has us at 99 points (we've gained 1/2 of all possible points from last year so far)

You can see this year's spreadsheet here.

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