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Liverpool Draw Swansea City in League Cup

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After squeaking past Middlesbrough in what should have been a fairly easy draw, Liverpool will face off against Premier League side Swansea City in the fourth round of the League Cup.

Clive Brunskill

With Tuesday's ridiculous, 15-round penalties victory over Middlesbrough in the rearview, Liverpool this evening learned who they will face in the fourth round of the League Cup: Swansea City. On paper it's a relatively tough draw, but then on paper Middlesbrough was supposed to be a relatively easy draw.

The storyline of Brendan Rodgers matching up against his old club has been done to death at this point, with Swansea on their second manager since he departed them in 2012. In fact, as he embarks on his third season as a Liverpool manager, Rodgers has now been in charge of the Reds for longer than the two seasons he was Swans' manager.

It will still be an inevitable storyline for some, as will another return to Anfield for Jonjo Shelvey. More important, though, is that it looks a relatively tough draw for Liverpool, to be played on either October 28th or 29th. It's a date sandwiched between Hull City and Newcastle in the league—but on either side of them are Liverpool's Champions League ties against Real Madrid.

The draw in full paired:

Tottenham v. Brighton
Stoke City v. Southampton
Bournemouth v. West Bromwich Albion or Hull City
Shrewsbury v. Chelsea
Liverpool v. Swansea
MK Dons v. Sheffield United
Manchester City v. Crystal Palace or Newcastle
Fulham v. Derby County