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The Week in Comments: "Tenderson?"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Clive Brunskill

Community Comments

Rodgers Full of Praise for Hard Working Striker

The squad put in a shift

This is why I was not totally upset after the game. We could not string passes together, made bad decisions, and the overall quality of our play was below average. No one can dispute that.

BUT, I did not see a single player that I thought was not giving Kuyt-like, 157% level effort. Coutinho was awful yesterday, and Lallana was barely better, but both were FLYING around all over the place to win balls back and close down space. Which is why I, and I think we all LOVE this team. I think most fans realize you aren’t going to win every game, score all teh goalz, and win the quadruple. But if you see a player giving his all, for me as a fan, that overcomes most losses. I think that will be Suarez’s lasting footprint, more than anything else. The effort this team now plays with is a reflection of how he played 100% of the time.

— Jtizzy21

The Week in Search Terms: Balotelli Kicks Wolves

I have called around to my bros and I can confirm Balo hasn't kicked any of them.

— wolf-in-wolf's-clothing

The Rhombus Conundrum

Tim Salt: How do we even know you're the real David Moyes?

Agent moyes: Have you not been reading my comments only david moyes could be this clueless lol

(This might literally be my favourite comment on this site of all time. Well played, Agent moyes.)

Official: Henderson Named Vice-Captain

CONGRATULATIONS, ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Amelia L
gntfan10: That picture is very tender.

ktp_13: Tenderson?

Rodgers: Delighted With Result but "We are Still Adapting"

I'm adapting too.

The hallmark of the Suarez days was the pass and move link up at the top of the box. We haven’t seen Sturridge and Balo feature enough to know if there is a partnership there, but it’s clear that as a solo striker, we cannot expect anything like the way LFC played in previous seasons. I hate crosses, I. hate headers, and I hate physical overpowering— I prefer the Barca tiki-taka. The second I sat down to watch Balo’s goal again, however, I realized I needed to change my lens for viewing the team.

That was a World Class goal. World class. Moreno’s delivery is exceptional, from the curve to the cushion. Balo then takes a touch to settle it, a touch to shed one of two Defenders and then skewers it into the corner with the outside of his boot. Absolutely 180 degrees from Suarez, but exceptional nonetheless. Time for me to adapt with the team.

— legendarywalton
it's jarring that our fullbacks are our two best players

— max-o

The game seemed to pass Gerrard by. Not entirely his fault. He should not be playing 90 minutes 2 times a week anymore. He is leaving so much space in front of the defense at times, does not track runners, regularly gets outpaced, and at times even mentally switches off on defensive duties. He was walking while the other team had the ball at times.

He needs to be managed better and we need to take a look at play Emre or Lucas in the holding role so he can rotate out and really have a maximum impact when he does play. Playing a defensive midfielder for their offensive qualities only works in a team that scores a load of goals. Currently this is not happening, so maybe we need a little more protection for the defense in that role.

— mattalcala

Liverpool v. Ludogorets: TV Schedule, Lineups, and Live Coverage

Everyone being depressed about Joe Allen's injury is the best thing that's ever happened.


— Nerf

West Ham 3, Liverpool 1: First Thoughts

Luis Suarez could not have played in this game whether we’d sold him or not. And that is not Rodgers’ fault.

— kindred

HighlyPlacedSource had a bunch of thoughts on the Ludogorets game.

Staff Comment

Official: Henderson Named Vice-Captain

I am fond of this news

— Ed

Gif of the Week

(via Chief Ralphie the Red)


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