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The Week in Comments: "Poor Bolivilla"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Alex Livesey

Community Comments

Tea and Crumpets with 7500 to Holte

Chief Ralphie the Red : Well I kinda like Villa now
But we’re gonna go all Chile on your Bolivian territory west of the Andes on Saturday. Landlocked. Endpoint.

ChrisLFC: Poor Bolivilla.

Injury Woes: Liverpool Lose Midfielders Emre Can and Joe Allen

Hodgson!!!! (shakes fist at sky)
Andorran artificial turf!!!! (shakes fist at ground)
German Fowler!!!! (rends clothes and high-kicks random things off shelves)

— Farce of Nature

Striker Still Doesn't Understand Why Liverpool Deal Collapsed

“I do not understand myself,” said the 27-year-old French striker
I don’t understand you either, man.

— nihil in moderato
Dr. Zaf's Stethoscope: Based on nothing but a hunch and connecting some dots together is that he failed his medical due to his minor heart issue. Given Liverpool had Doni have a heart attack while they were conducting some tests, I can see Liverpool’s requirements regarding heart issues being more stringent than most clubs.

DasBoot_8: Username credibility rec

Manquillo Adjusting to Life at Liverpool

Manquillo is adjusting to life at Liverpool

and the rest of us are adjusting to having two quality fullbacks.

— kingofzachland
Just think

Manquillo, Moreno, Sakho, Sterling, Henderson, Sturridge, Ibe, Markovic, Can, Allen, Lovren, Coutinho, Balotelli, Flanagan, Ilori, Origi, Tex, Alberto

That is all of our first team members who are 25 and under. That is insane. Get ourselves a young DM and you can make a starting 11 that would be regulars in the Champions League and competing for a title each year. Heck, don't get a DM and hope Rossiter makes it and have him play in the Gerrard spot in the 4-4-2 diamond and that would still remain true.

Obviously not all of these players will make it or pan out, but dang. Compared to even a few years ago and that is one stocked cupboard.

— Indy Red

Fabio Borini Desperate to Prove Himself at Liverpool

We’re discussing alternative options instead of fretting over lack of options? Great!

— winds

Reports: Suso is Milan-Bound


— latortillablanca

Champions League Preview: Liverpool's Congested Fixture List

The Mexican't: Just jumping down here real quick to announce my love for the phrase "the true Baggies"

Elizabeth: sometimes I can't tell when people are legitimately talking about West Brom

usmc reds: Usually it's United

Day One Balotelli Shirt Sales Appear Underwhelming

allows the club to maximise signings like Balotelli, leading to £50k in shirt sales
Maybe he means Balotelli bought 50k worth of his own LFC shirts? Which I would have thought to be outside the realm of possibility until I saw that instagram of his Panini sticker book filled only with stickers of himself.

— saintgrobian
Maybe he was making the point that we have so much talent and depth that even signing Balotelli only led to 50k in shirt sales? I bet that was it.

— Ian9
Ayre failed to mention how many personalized #14 “Honey Badger” shirts were sold, however.

— G-Loff

Henderson Likely to Start for England

Bit more of that good old fashioned 'resolve testing' eh?

Roy Hodgson just feels like the sort of ex you want to exorcise from your memory, except that he/she keeps bumping into you at work, at the pub after work, and on occasion swings by your place to boil your bunny while you’re out at work.

— Conspiratorial

Liverpool 0, Aston Villa 1: First Thoughts

Yeah, I can't believe we palmed Remy off for that safe bet Mario Balotelli. Boring.

— Nerf, on the suggestion that Liverpool is averse to risky signings

Staff Comment

Champions League Preview: Liverpool's Congested Fixture List

Mourinho is waiting to talk about [playing in CL on a Wednesday before facing Liverpool in the league on a Saturday]. He’ll get his words in the weekend before, pause for a bit to focus on Europe, and then continue straight after the CL game.

“Liverpool have a fantastic advantage, an unbelievable one. An extra day will help my friend Brendan but we are Chelsea. Fixtures are never kind to us but always for opponents. Complain? No. We will fight against Liverpool and this unbelievable advantage.”

- José Mourinho before the Liverpool game.

— Chuck


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Community Notes

  • Welcome to delurker lazeredwithprecision. Apologies if I missed anyone!
  • divchev shared some context about Ludogorets from the perspective of someone who follows Bulgarian A Group Football.

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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