Ludogorets eMOTIons

So as I said I'll put a few words about the bulgarian champions, although after yesterday's 10th consecutive game without victory against them for my home team, I'm not in the greatest mood, hope Liverpool change it.

They are continuing to dominate "A group" with ease and most probably will claim 4th title in 4 years and they should be, because with their coefficient are the only ones with a chance for the CL (which is already a fact this year). Ludogorets is some way like ManUtd here (not counting the last year of course) - lots of money and Howard Webbs, hatred as well...

But these statistics are right there in the Wikipedia, the thing that'd be more interesting for the Liverpool fans here is that Ludogorets is not the standard eastern-european "home-only team", that can only play in front of it's fans and so on. Last year in the Europa League they made 4 wins away in a row!

Maybe because they are from a very small town and play in a tiny stadium and therefore don't make difference whether it's home or away game - their number of fans is almost identical.

So don't expect them to go out at Anfield and park the bus (at least I don't see it that way). They have many foreign player and for the small time they are on the "football picture", they played a good number of european games and gained experience. Like I said in one of the articles Ludo has depth as well and without any tension in the championship their players will stay fresh.

In the end - I think that some team in the group (maybe Basel) is gonna be disappointed to not be able to take all six points from the.

Bonus: the last time a bulgarian team played in the CL, guess who was at the final ;)

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