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Liverpool 0, Aston Villa 1: Rank the Performances

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With a disappointing performance and 0-1 home loss to Aston Villa in the books, we want to know how you would rank Liverpool's performers.

Alex Livesey

It was one of those days for Liverpool when nothing quite worked. Even the good moves and bright ideas saw teammates misreading intentions and passes going half a foot wide. It was a team-wide affliction, and no Liverpool player escaped completely—though Javier Manquillo might have come closest. On the flip side, Dejan Lovren has now played a key role in every goal against this season. So that's something.

Clicking the thumbs up button is a vote to move the player up the list—or to help keep the one on top where he is. Hitting thumbs down is a vote to push that player closer to the bottom. It's half Man of the Match poll and half player rankings, and we want to use it to find out who you think played well after each Liverpool match and, at the other end, who you'd maybe like to see given the next game off.

At the end of the month we'll go back through the results of that month's Ranker polls to hold a Player of the Month vote. Then, at the end of the season, the monthly results will help to determine The Liverpool Offside's Player of the Season and Young Player of the Season.

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