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Alberto Moreno Transfer Held Up by Potential UEFA Super Cup Appearance

The on again, off again, on again, off again,on again transfer of Alberto Moreno from Sevilla to Liverpool is absolutely totally on for real this time, but only after he makes one final appearance for the Spanish club.

David Ramos

As far as matches held between Winners vs Other Winners go, the UEFA Super Cup might be a rung or two higher than the Community Shield since it is contested by the winner of UEFA's two continental club tournaments. This year's instalment sees ten time Champions League winners Real Madrid take on Europa League winners Sevilla in sunny Cardiff next Tuesday.

Liverpool fans are more focused on future European matches than ones held to celebrate those from the past season, but the Super Cup has emerged as the alleged final stumbling block in the incredibly drawn out transfer of defender Alberto Moreno from Sevilla to Liverpool. The Spaniard's club are hoping to get one final performance out of the player before he runs off to the Premier League, and after Tuesday's match he'll be free to enjoy the warm embrace of Dr Zaf Iqbal.

Liverpool and Sevilla had long been rumoured to have disagreed over the player's valuation by a mere £2m, suggesting that the delays in signing the final paperwork were more likely related to something other than money given Liverpool's propensity for paying top dollar for other transfers this summer.

That the hold up should be something as simple as playing in a final high profile match for his old club should not warrant all the added drama surrounding the transfer, but delays have happened for far sillier reasons in the past. In the grand scheme of reasons for a delay — and presuming Moreno is pictured leaning on things at Melwood on Wednesday — playing a goodbye match for your boyhood club is probably something to be lauded.

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