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The Week in Search Terms: Liverpool Fans Start Marco Reus Rumour

Every week, people end up on the Liverpool Offside by looking for things on search engines. These are some of the more unusual ways they got here.

Martin Rose

liverpool home kit

Just checked for you, it's still red.

lambert lovren squad number liverpool shirt

Rickie Lambert took the nine and Dejan Lovren took the six. It was rumoured Loic Remy was going to get seven until his deal fell through. Now that his deal has fallen through the seven could end up with any number of exciting new signings like Marco Reus, Marco Reus, or perhaps even Marco Reus.

liverpool fans start marco reus rumour

Maybe. Also, we'll take two of him.

lazar markovic natural foot

He's predominantly right footed, though he can use his left in a pinch.

why doesn't liverpool buy full backs

Boom! It's Javier Manquillo. And also probably Alberto Moreno. Though given the long and winding nature of the Moreno transfer saga so far and that we haven't heard anything much in nearly a week since Spanish sources said it was nearly done—the same Spanish sources who kept saying it was done last time and the time before that and the time before that—few would be surprised if he's still at Sevilla when the transfer window closes.

And when it comes to Manquillo, nobody really quite knows how his deal will work out given it's a two-year loan but Atletico Madrid can break the loan next summer by paying a fee and Liverpool have a £6M purchase option but it can only be triggered the summer after that at which point there's a buyback option Atletico could use. But still. Fullbacks! Maybe kind of sort of!

change is good

Except for when it's horrible.

gerrard not offered new contract

He hasn't been yet, but the club are looking to get a new deal done for him before the start of the season along with Coutinho, Henderson, Flanagan, and Suso.

liverpool fans hate michael owen

Sounds about right.

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