What's the point of the Academy?

With all the signings Liverpool are making I was left wondering what role the academy would play in the future. I don't think that every position should be filled with an academy product and I simply don't feel this is possible for a team with Liverpool's ambition. However, Ia guess I think that some academy products such as Brad Smith (I admit I am higher on him than most), Jack Robinson (a little lower on him than most), Suso and Jordan Ibe could make real progress/contributions this season. Looking a little further forward, the likes of Harry Wilson, Sergi Canos, Jerome Sinclair, Rossiter will be in the same position but on the outside looking in. So I guess I want general views on what role the academy should play in the club or what aspirations you have for specific individuals in the youth set up. Should the academy just be a profit generator that allows the club to generate income through sale a la Chelsea? Should the club just cast its net wide and hope for the best? I know this was not specific but I the impetus for this post was frustration. Taking Moreno for an example, Liverpool paid 16 million for a player who may or may not improve the club and will definitely have a 'break in period'. Is his ceiling that much higher than youth academy players? I feel that a lot of money is being paid for other clubs simply taking the chance on an academy player (something Liverpool and other premiership clubs refuse to do more often than not). Anyway, feel free to post comments and what not

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