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The Week in Comments: "Supper Mario. He’s the best Hobbit."

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Alex Livesey

Community Comments

Rodgers Wants "More Goals From Everyone"

Norwich being relegated was probably a factor in Suarez leaving England

— peter.r

Milan Announce Balotelli Departure

Mr Sanchez: I really want to see what celebration he might have with say an 88th minute winner against City off the bench

Chabalala: It'll be Mario lifting his jersey to show the message "Did you miss me?"

Pre-Manchester City Team News: Markovic and Moreno In, Lallana Close to Return

How far we've come

In the 2010-2011 season, you may recall that our second game of the season also happened to be Manchester City away. This was our squad:

(Manager: Roy Hodgson)

Johnson, Carragher, Skrtel, Agger
Kuyt, Lucas, Gerrard, Jovanovic
N’Gog, Torres

Subs: Aurelio, Poulsen, Jones, Rodriguez, Babel, Kyrgiakos, Pacheco

We lost 3-0.

The idea that we have so many good players that they’re NOT ALL GOING TO FIT ON OUR BENCH is incredible to me. It’s a whole new world.

— epicskyline

stugots05: Every photo the club posts on instagram gets around 567 “Reus” comments and around 75 “Stop saying Reus” comments.

Arun Krishnan: I didn’t know KroosDeu had 75 instragram accounts.

KroosDeu: I’ve outsourced about 50% of those to some poor college students in a dorm in New Jersey, they more or less just live on the LFC official accounts to say no for me and it saves me about 50% of the stress so I’m only about 75% likely to have my mind explode.

Reports: Balotelli Takes Huge Wage Cut To Sign For Liverpool

"Mario, why are you taking a huge wage cut to join Liverpool?"
“Because I am rich”

— elpistolero

Transfer Scouting: Mario Balotelli

we got Mario Balotelli for 4.5m quid more than we paid for Fabio Borini, think on that one for a second.
Then, if we sell Borini now at 14m, we’re basically picking up a guy for a 2m quid net transfer fee who – on talent – looks up to no more than 3-4 players in the entire world. That is friggin sensational business. Even if he never improves and remains mercurial, itll still equal a world of performance more than Fab is capable of giving.

— latortillablanca

Markovic Officially Chooses Number 50

Proof that our Squad Depth has improved.
Is that someone already had the number 50 shirt!

— Luis Suarez Dentist

Liverpool Reportedly Make Balotelli Inquiry

If this does materialise, my concern is

Brendan Rodgers: Welcome to Anfield, Mario! We’re so happy to have you here!
Mario Balotelli: You literally said you didn’t want me here a month ago.
Brendan Rodgers: ...
Mario Balotelli: ...
Brendan Rodgers: This will not help with your highly publicised motivation and attitude issues, will it.
Mario Balotelli: Seems unlikely.

— Fallacycal
Haughmill: I have my misgivings, but honestly, supper excited for this deal...

Haughmill: So excited I put two P's in super.

Turgon Dayne: Supper Mario. He’s the best Hobbit.
Kellys_Locker: I’m feeling like this is one of those things that fall under “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” It’d be interesting but eh, it’s hinky.

Ignignokt: ©1993, Dr. Ian Malcolm

Transfer Scouting: Mario Balotelli

Is it a big risk? It’s what Shane Long + Rickie Lambert cost in fees. Probably similar combined wages too. That for the 24 year old starting striker for Italy who scored twice to knock Germany out of Euro 2012? Who has already had some success in the Premier League? It’s… a manageable risk. He doesn’t have to be TEH GREATEST OF ALL TIME for this to be well worth it. He can be who he’s always been: someone who scores every 200 minutes or so. Any more than that is extra. This is Wee Joe Allen money we’re talking about. This is what our 4th choice CB cost.

A few days ago I was thinking that we should just keep Borini, because what other backup striker could we get for 14 million? 7/8 of Mario Balotelli it turns out.

Honestly, we’ve probably benefited quite a lot from circumstance. This kind of transfer is not common. Milan is in a mess and needs a cash infusion plus a smaller wage bill. Balotelli would likely only go to a Champions League club. There are very few of those that both need a striker and have plenty of liquidity.

— kindred

Staff Comment

Rodgers: "We Need Another Striker"


— Noel, on what we need from a new striker

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