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Alberto Moreno Targets Top Four League Finish

He may still be a little bit wistful about leaving his boyhood club, but Alberto Moreno has clearly got the memo and is already targeting 2015/2016 Champions League qualification.

David Ramos

Alberto Moreno's protracted transfer was long thought to be about something much more than quibbling over a few million pounds, and this was confirmed to some degree when Liverpool ultimately paid £12m plus add ons for a player that rumours repeatedly said would cost more than Liverpool's alleged original £16m bid.

The true reason for the delay and the obvious misreporting of the agreed upon fee may never be revealed, but the player's subsequent mixed feelings on leaving Sevilla for Merseyside suggest that hesitancy on the part of the player might have had something to do with it. The speed with which the deal was finalized right before the Spanish Supercup that Moreno did not end up playing in clearly threw the player for a loop, and it sounds as though he'll have some major adjustments to make as he adapts to life in Liverpool.

"This is not a goodbye, but until later," Moreno said at a farewell event at Sevilla. "I hope to be back here one day. I never imagined this would hurt so much, but when you start to say goodbye to teammates and all the people, it hurts. I am leaving to learn everything I can at Liverpool and to be able to retire back at Sevilla."

Moreno has given several sepulchral interviews about his sadness at leaving Sevilla. It's an understandable sentiment, as it can't be easy to leave your boyhood club so early into your career, let alone to move away from friends and family at what is still a relatively young age. Still, despite any misgivings he has about leaving Sevilla, Moreno already has a target in site for his new club's Premier League season.

"A spectacular squad has been put together, with very good players coming in," Moreno continued. "I believe that this year we must qualify for the Champions League by whatever means necessary."

Ruthless. Sustained presence in Champions League should absolutely be a regular goal for Liverpool going forward, and Moreno's signing is just one of the things that will help get Liverpool into a position where they do just that. Until then, though, Brendan Rodgers may want to keep an eye on his homesickness and have him pay a visit to Dr Peters to see how he might channel those feelings into his game in a positive way.

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