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The Week in Search Terms: Xabi Alonso to Liverpool

Every week people find their way to the Liverpool Offside by typing things into search engines. Some of those things seem strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Here are a few of them.

Laurence Griffiths

xabi alonso to liverpool

Xabi isn't coming back. He's never coming back. Sorry.

how many players has liverpool sold

So far, Liverpool have sold four players for a fee: Luis Suarez to Barcelona for £75M, Pepe Reina to Bayern Munich for £2M, Martin Kelly to Crystal Palace for £1.5M, and Conor Coady to Huddersfield Town for £500k. They have also allowed Armin Hodzic and Jakub Sokolik to leave on frees, with the players signing for Dinamo Zagreb and Yeovil Town respectively.

The club have accepted a £14M offer for Fabio Borini from Sunderland and one of between £1.5-2M for Kolo Toure from Trabzonspor, though in both cases that the player will eventually leave Liverpool this summer is far from certain.

baggies look poor

Which is why they're Baggies.

falcao wages

Radamel Falcao currently makes €350k a week at Monaco, which amounts to €18.2M a year. With no personal income taxes in Monaco, that's a lot of money. In pounds that's around £280k a week or £14.6M a year, which is also a lot of money. And in American dollars, that's $466k a week and $24.2M a year, which somehow seems like even more of a lot of money.

In the United Kingdom, the maximum effective tax rate when taking income taxes and National Insurance contributions paid by both employer and employee into account for those earning more than £150,000 per year is 58%. Or: Liverpool would have to pay Falcao upwards of £34M per year to match his current salary at Monaco after taxes.

daniel agger transfer from liverpool 9 august 2014

First we've heard of this but we'll take your word on it.

final day of transfer window

The window closes at 11PM BST on Monday, September 1st, which is intended to line up with the close of the window for most major leagues on the continent at midnight CET.

i want to play like bastian schweinsteiger

So do we. Sadly, it's not going to happen.


According to the good folks over at Wikipedia, a nit is the egg of a louse, though in much of the English speaking word it's also used colloquially to refer to mature head louse or lice, hence the use of the term "nitpicking" to describe the act of picking at something small. A nit can also be a unit of liminance equivalent to one candela per square metre, though that only raises as many questions as it answers.

American readers seeing nit might think of the acronym NIT, or National Invitational Tournament, a second-tier college basketball tournament overshadowed by the March Madness of the main NCAA Tournament. As an acronym, it could also stand for negative income tax, a proposed mode of taxation intended to replace more traditional welfare system that would pay those earning below a minimum threshold a proportion of the difference.

iago i like to move it move it


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