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Rodgers: "The Power of the Club is Back"

Brendan Rodgers is of the belief that Liverpool transfer prospects are pretty excited about where Liverpool are at the moment, thank you very much.

THE POWER OF THE CLUB lured Emre Can to Anfield.
THE POWER OF THE CLUB lured Emre Can to Anfield.
Mike Stobe

Despite the fact that Liverpool have brought in more players this summer than you can count on one hand, many fans still have concerns that the club haven't done enough to attract big names with star power. Players who might feasibly replace what the club have lost with the departure of Luis Suarez are naturally few and far between, but that hasn't prevented allegations that the club LACKS AMBITION™ as compared to some of the top tier talent the club targeted last summer.

But Brendan Rodgers doesn't see it that way at all. The manager is taking a rather practical, big picture approach to the club's outgoing and incoming players and although it's never ideal to lose a player of Suarez's calibre, Rodgers doesn't feel that the club is in a poor position to attract additional talent.

"The big clubs will always lose big players at some point," Rodgers said. "It’s not due to any lack of ambition – we showed that last season with how we kept Luis. It’s the modern player and the modern agent. Liverpool is not a selling club, that’s for sure, but sometimes you lose your best player and the key is planning beyond that.

"All you can do is sell the club and sell the state it is in. We’re in a really healthy position now. The conversations we’ve had with players and agents this summer has shown that the power of the club is back. Now we just need to have success and that ultimately will help us keep players."

Liverpool have known for several seasons what Manchester United are figuring out right now: lack of success in the league and its corresponding lack of Champions League football make it challenging to convince talented players to stick around for the long term or have new ones join your club. Big players may indeed come and go, but keeping those who help you maintain a high level of success on the pitch will help minimize the impact of those star departures.

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