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Markovic Officially Chooses Number 50

A month after arriving, Lazar Markovic has chosen to wear the number 50, leading everybody to shrug as they'd sort of assumed that was what he was doing all along.

Valerio Pennicino

Remember that time Liverpool bought Lazar Markovic from Benfica and he'd worn the number 50 in Portugal and then he wore the number 50 in pre-season but still nobody was quite sure if that was officially his number at the club or not? Turns out that was because for some reason he hadn't yet officially decided if he was going to stick with it.

He has today, and will officially take the 50 from Cameron Brannagan. If taking the number 50 in English football isn't strange enough as it is, having to ask an 18-year-old who hasn't actually made a senior appearance for the club yet to switch his squad number adds a little extra oddity to an odd situation. Still, for those desperately wanting to know, Markovic will wear 50.

Like officially he'll wear 50 and stuff. Because pretty much everybody just assumed he would since he signed given he'd chosen to wear it at both Partizan Belgrade and Benfica, even if the club held off on selling his shirt, presumably while Ian Ayre tried to convince him that if he was going to use a non-traditional number he might as well go with one a little higher.

So. A little more than a month after he officially arrived at the club, welcome to Liverpool's new—and if he does anything with it certainly first of note—number 50. The club will be setting up a line shortly to take complaints from football traditionalists bothered by a first teamer in England choosing to wear the number 50.

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