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The Week in Comments: "Someone has a bit of a Manqrush ... "

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Alex Livesey

Community Comments

Moreno Says Goodbye to Sevilla, Looks Forward to Liverpool Challenge

Poor bastard
He can leave his home town, his club, his country... but he can’t get away from Warrior kits.

— kingofzachland

Rodgers Raves About Defender's "Perfect" Debut

Well to be fair
It’s not too much of a surprise watching Lovren use his head and scoring with it, it’s had a longer pre-season with Liverpool than the rest of him.

— Nes011

Pre-Southampton Overnight Open Thread

All The Bacon & Eggs You Have. Let me be clear.

1. Will NBC give us a full, uncut rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone?

2. Does Dejan Lovren headbutt Martin Skrtel before they walk out of the tunnel or after every Raheem nutmeg?

3. What’s the acceptable allowance of time between the final whistle and bidding for Morgan Schneiderlin? Or can we just take care of it at half-time to save on fax paper?

4. Does Jose Enrique enjoy his seat on the bench shirtless or in full banana-hammock?

5. When Coutinho slips Sturridge through with a 30-yard no-look backheel flick that eviscerates the gods’ holy pants, is it Emre Can or Jordan Henderson who leaps onto the Magical Unicorn’s shoulders first?

Extra Credit: Are your hamstrings ready for the Glen Johnson third goal on a half-volley?

Tacos, tacos, tacos. Here we go.

— Not Too Xabi doing the overnight open thread better than me

Daniel Sturridge is Learning Spanish, Because it Turns Out That's a Useful Skill to Have

He's just getting ready for the big name South American signing

— G-Loff

Rumour Mongering: Samuel Eto'o, Because We Have To


— maninblack

Liverpool "Haven’t Had Any Enquiries" for Agger

Benitez: "Hello Brendan"
Rodgers: "Hey, Rafa? How’s Italy treating you? Good thing you’ve called, actually. I’m thinking of working in some 4-2-3-1 here and I know that you’re the master."
Benitez: "Yes Brendan, but first, some business. I’ve got a transfer wish list here and at the top of my list is.."
Rodgers: "Lucas. Yes, I’ve been expecting this call"
Benitez: "No Brendan, actually I’m interested in.."
Rodgers: " You want him on a full transfer? No way Rafa, I can’t do that. Lucas is a vital part of Liverpool, you know. He has a role to play here"
Benitez: "Yes, fine, but you see actually I’m calling about..."
Rodgers: "A loan? Yes, that might work. Can’t do a buy option at the end though. Lucas has to come back to our team". Starts to explain the role of a 3 man midfield, coupled with hand gestures that Benitez can’t see on the other end of the phone
Benitez: "Brendan, listen, that’s not what I’m looking for here. What Napoli needs now is an experienced centreback and leader. I think the perfect player for this is..."
Rodgers: "You’re not having Stevie. The nerve to even ask!" Hangs up

— ArunK

Liverpool v. Southampton: Preview, Ways to Watch, and Team News

I just played this game on FIFA and Liverpool won 8-0. Hat tricks for Studge and Sterling and a brace for Coutinho. And this is a realistic preview, because outside of his two goals, Coutinho’s shooting was dreadful.

— stugots05

Liverpool 2, Southampton 1: First Thoughts

Someone has a bit of a Manqrush ...

— Professor Ch@os

Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Discussing Coates for Romero Swap

*Rumourero mongering

— ynwaPHL

Rossi's Agent Unequivocally Denies Liverpool Rumours

CincyLPoolReds4ever: I'm glad that's over. Now can we move back to the more realistic transfer targets like Reus and Messi

Farce of Nature: Yeah-have we gotten a definite "no" from their agents??!

KroosDeu: I'm Reus' agent and it's a definite no

Staff Comment

Liverpool Missing Four Due to Injury Against Southampton

Joe Allen is so happy that he’s finally taller than someone.

— Ed

Gif of the Week

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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