TLO Fantasy League - Names and Nicknames

72 TLO members participating right now, keep on joining! Code to join this league: 952535-402788

We're heading into 2014/15 season and it would be great to know a few things about our TLO Fantasy participants, get to know each other!

What's your nick on TLO and why and which country do you come from?

Where does your Fantasy nickname come from, give us the story!

Reveal something about your Fantasy team... ?

I'll go first!

My nick on TLO, bjorn hof, is my real name. Keeping it simple! Swedish, live in the south of Sweden. My love for the reds started 1980 at 6 years of age. (love Zlatan also!).

My team name, Fc Mini Moke, is my Fantasy team name. Started play Fantasy football 2009 at FPL and had just been to France on vacation. Saw this cars everywhere on the riviera, Mini Mokes! Wanted one badly but it never happened of course, so just to keep it in my mind forever i baptised my first Fantasy team to Fc Mini Moke.

Fantasy team secrets, 3-4-3 system always! Gut picks and Red players as much as i possibly can and it gets me into trouble except for last season when my red players produced big time and i won my friends league. What a ride that was, emotional rollercoaster. My red picks right now is Studge, Raheem and Captain Fantastic.

That was my kick off, your turn!

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