The Great Pre-season De-Lurking: 2014/15 Edition!

Alex Livesey

Fellow Reds, it's that time of year again! With Liverpool's season set to kick-off on Sunday, we're about to find out how Liverpool continue their growth after the incredible run for the title last year. We have an active and vibrant community here joining us day in and day out for theorizing, analysis, and in-game match discussion, but we know there's an even greater number of you out there who watch on unknown to the rest of us.

Won't you join us, dear readers? You have remained silent for too long! Take a minute to de-lurk and introduce yourself. We would love to hear all about you!

Feel free to answer any of the prompt questions below to whatever degree you feel comfortable! Regular commenters, you can participate too!

Name / Age / Location:
How long have you been a Livepool fan?
What's your favourite Liverpool memory?
Anything else you'd like to share?

Also, bjorn hof set up a TLO Fantasy League for those who would like to participate!

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