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Liverpool "Haven’t Had Any Enquiries" for Agger

Rumours of his demise have been greatly exaggerated, for the constantly on his way out Daniel Agger has apparently been the subject of zero offers from other clubs. Whoops!

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Mike Hewitt

It's all well and good to request a transfer away from your current club, but that in and of itself isn't enough to make it happen. If no one is interested in your services, you're going to have a hard time moving.

Daniel Agger finds himself in such a situation at the moment. Despite being linked with several other clubs on a revolving basis, Agger hasn't been the subject of any real interest yet according to Brendan Rodgers.

"I saw some stories on Agger, but we haven’t had any enquiries," Rodgers confirmed when providing an update on the defender's knee injury. The news will come as a relief to those who don't wish to hurry Agger's departure along, but if the player has indeed requested that he be permitted a move elsewhere, it's an unhappy state of affairs in which to be.

Potential suitors for Agger's services are vanishing quickly. There are few clubs of a similar level to Liverpool that are actively looking for a starting CB. Barcelona are now officially out of the picture after signing Thomas Vermaelen, Arsenal would likely have Agger take on the definitely-not-first-choice role vacated by Vermaelen, and Manchester United is completely out of the question for obvious reasons. What remains is the continually lingering link to Rafa Benitez, and Napoli's probable sale of Federico Fernandez to Swansea makes Italy a not entirely implausible destination for the Dane.

It's fair for Agger to be concerned about playing time at this stage of his career and with his level of talent, but if no other club makes an enquiry let alone a formal offer then Agger will need to adjust to life on Merseyside as part of a larger player rotation this coming season. It's something all incoming players have been briefed on prior to their signing for the club, and it's something incumbent players will quickly learn if they're not already aware.

"They know the team will change because there will be so many games," Brendan Rodgers said. "It'll be about the squad. The man-management of it is very, very simple - it's just about communicating and talking with players [and them] recognising and understanding that sometimes it's difficult not playing when you want to play, but knowing they have a role here and that's why we brought them to the club."

What that role is for Agger comes more into focus with each passing pre-season match. He's a player at a crossroads, and it's something he'll need to come to terms with if he's still with Liverpool after September 1.

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