LFC US Tour - Charlotte ROLL CALL

I intended to resurect the OG LFC US Tour post, but it involved all of them so I figured I would make Charlotte specific Post.

I will be arriving Friday afternoon sometime with 4 other folks. Looking forward to getting together and having some good times. Post up with ideas for dinner/drinks Friday, and Saturday prior to/post Win v AC Milan. Also if you want to post up where you're sitting in the stadium.
I'm not 100% sure of my hotel accomodations, as I didn't book them WIFCOM did, but It is my understanding it is walking distance to the stadium. So, post up watering holes of choice, dinner places of choice, I love breakfast so I'll have to know where I can find appropriately cooked bacon and also have a bourbon for breakfast.

I haven't gotten my tickets yet, but supposedly they were getting shipped first part of July.

Let's also agree that we sing:


Poor scouser tommy, because well yeah.

Fields of Anfield Road

Any others?

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