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The Week in Search Terms: Is Raheem Sterling Better Than Gareth Bale?

Every week people find their way to the Liverpool Offside by way of all kinds of search terms. Some of those terms can seem unusual or in need of an answer. These are a few of them.

Alex Livesey

does ajax have a sell-on clause in the deal to sell luis suarez to liverpool

Yes, Ajax inserted a sell-on fee clause into his deal. Conflicting reports set it anywhere between 5-15%, which on £75M is anything from £3.75M to £11.25M. We'll certainly be hoping it's at the lower end.

has arsenal signed any player this transfer season

Not yet. But they did just win the FA Cup, so whatever happens on the transfer front they're set there for the next nine years.

jordan henderson girlfriend

Like, does Jordan Henderson have a girlfriend because you're planning on stalking him and want to know if he has room in his life for you? Or because you like to daydream about being Jordan Henderson and so this is important information for making said daydreams as realistic as possible? Right. Never mind. I'm not sure I want to know.

southampton fc transfer rumours

We're buying all your players.

latest news on victor moses

Why on earth would anyone want the latest news on Victor Moses? Wait, Victor, is that you? Yeah, got nothing over here. Sorry.

liverpool fc knitting patterns

You can find a big Liverbird pattern here and a small one here. Elizabeth says you're welcome.

is raheem sterling better than gareth bale

That depends. Is Raheem Sterling today better than Gareth Bale? No. Is 19-year-old Raheem Sterling Better than 19-year-old Gareth Bale? Probably. That Gareth Bale made 16 league appearances and scored zero goals. He made 30 appearances in all competitions. And scored zero goals. He was also playing as a left back at the time, so maybe the zero goals thing isn't that a big deal. But he did end up benched in favour of Benoit Assou-Ekotto on account of he was playing like crap.

He was also in the midst of a two-year, four-month stretch where he played in 25 league matches for Tottenham without them winning once. He was the butt of jokes and many Spurs fans would have given him away just to have his wages off their books. So. At the same stage in their careers, Raheem Sterling, with or without his nine goals in 30 league appearances last season, was very much better than Gareth Bale.

how fast is lazar markovic


luis suarez teeth offside

After going back to review the video, we can confirm that Luis Suarez' teeth were in fact onside when he bit Giorgio Chiellini and the linesman got the call correct.

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