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The Week in Comments: "That's a dolphin."

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Julian Finney

Community Comments

Stoke Balk at Assaidi Asking Price

Please be nice to Stoke
They gave us 4million for Charlie Adam.

— DirectorHeavyHeavyGuy

Left Back Plan B: B is for Bertrand

Davetree: Moreno's bird. I was expecting her to be a lot hotter.

nihil in moderato: That's a dolphin.

Barcelona Bid for Suarez "Imminent" After Apology Issued

So you saw him train with dedication, destroy England, and then bite a dude? I think you’re pretty well caught up...

— R2D_2, summarising Luis Suarez for a new fan
The Mexican't: Wonder what type of reception he'll get when Barça visit Anfield for game 1 of the CL group stage.

Elizabeth: How do you say "Awkward" in Spanish?

The Mexican't: I think it's "me mordió"

saintgrobian: “Soldado”?

He_Drinks_Sangria: It’s pronounced “shit, Barca really did get that ban lifted because otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to play in this game”
Can we just sell him to West Ham? They have a nice history of buying our players for more than they are worth. I bet we could get 100+ million from them easily.

— Indy Red

Barcelona's Unseemly Public Wooing of Luis Suarez Continues

More than a club...

— Stephen Schmidt
All of this praise regarding Suarez's humility surely means they would be willing to increase the fee 20%, right?

— dthomas722

Reports of Completed €75M Suarez Deal Wide of the Mark

I would pay SO HARD for Aspas to have a 30-goal season.

— Nerf

Alexis Returns to Barcelona, Tentative Suarez Deal in Place

he’s slick, he’s red, he tucks his shorts up round his head – Alexis Sanchez.

— latortillablanca, who already has Sanchez' song picked out

Defender Refuses to Report to Pre-Season Training in Attempt to Force Liverpool Move

you take the thread. you take the jack. you take em both and there you have. The TLO Facts of Life.

— thatsMatt

Kaine is fine with whatever happens with Suarez. There was a Game of Thrones gif train featuring Joffrey getting slapped. Luis Suarez Dentist wrote a song for Lallana.

Staff Comment

Defender Refuses to Report to Pre-Season Training in Attempt to Force Liverpool Move

That... wouldn’t be a bad deal actually. A million after 50 league appearances, a million if Liverpool win the Premier League title, a million if Rodgers subs Gerrard when Liverpool are 3 nil up with half an hour to go...

— Chuck, on potential add-ons in the Lovren deal

Gif of the Week

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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