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Hyypia Envisions "Great Career" for Can at Liverpool

Ex-players love to chime in about how great a new signing is for their former club, but few are able to do it from a place of personal experience. Enter Sami Hyypia.

There are no photos of Hyypia and Can together. You get this one instead.
There are no photos of Hyypia and Can together. You get this one instead.
Lennart Preiss

Kop favourite and former Liverpool captain Sami Hyypia is intimately familiar with new boy Emre Can, having coached the player during his single season at Bayer Leverkusen. Knowing Liverpool as an institution as well as he does, Hyypia feels Liverpool have landed a player who is perfectly suited to what Brendan Rodgers and the team are trying to accomplish.

"Emre is one of those players that always gives 100 per cent on the pitch," Hyypia said. "He is a very dynamic player and he is quite mature physically as well. He is quite a technical player and he does the simple things perfectly, with 100 per cent concentration, and I think he will have a great career at Liverpool.

"With the work ethic he has, I know the Liverpool fans will love him. He needs to make this next step forward in his career and Liverpool is a great club for him to continue to improve. He's also very skilful and he can play it very simple. I think he suits the Liverpool style of play and physically he can compete in the Premier League for sure."

Dynamism, technical acumen, focus, and a strong work ethic are all excellent compliments from a man held in such high esteem by Liverpool fans. There's obviously room for improvement in Can's game — Brendan Rodgers will want to see him giving 150% on the pitch with 200% concentration — but between first Hyypia and now Rodgers, Can should have the support he needs to build on that strong foundation.

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