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Reports of Completed €75M Suarez Deal Wide of the Mark

Despite reports in the Catalan media of a €75M done deal, talks over Luis Suarez' transfer to Barcelona continue with the La Liga club expected to pay a fee equal to his release to conclude them.

Matthias Hangst

Earlier today, rumours exploded in the Catalan press suggesting a €75M/£59.4M deal for Luis Suarez had been agreed between Liverpool and Barcelona. Given earlier reports that Liverpool intended to hold out for a fee matching Suarez' release clause of around £80M, this was news that was not greeted well by your average Liverpool supporter.

Thankfully, it also appears that it isn't true. According to journalists close to the Liverpool end of discussions, Barcelona have not proposed and Liverpool have not accepted a €75M offer, one that would mark only a slight improvement on Wednesday's opening offer of €70M/£55.7M. There is, though, something of an understanding between the two sides.

That understanding is that Barcelona will pay a fee equal to Suarez' buyout, but unlike a buyout that would need to be paid up front in a single instalment, Liverpool will allow the fee to be paid out in guaranteed instalments over a series of years. Negotiations now are largely over specifics of the payment schedule.

In addition to the continuing negotiations over payment schedule and structure, any conclusion to the deal may also be delayed until Liverpool can gauge Alexis Sanchez' interest in coming to Anfield. Though the two deals are not dependant on each other, if Sanchez is open to a Liverpool move it would impact the payment structure of the Suarez deal.

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