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Suarez Cannot Train With Liverpool or Barcelona

Despite earlier reports that Suarez could train with his club, FIFA have today clarified that they only ever said he could train. Like, on his own at a public gym. Or by going for a jog.

Clive Rose

At times, FIFA have seemed to be making things up as they go along when it comes to Luis Suarez' nine-match international and four-month blanket ban from all football-related activities. Yesterday, FIFA disciplinary committee head Claudio Sulser confirmed that Suarez could be transferred, could undergo a medical, and could sign a contract for a new club.

He couldn't be presented by that new club once he had signed for them, couldn't enter their stadium, and couldn't be used in marking material or appear in team photos. But he could complete a transfer. There was also the suggestion that despite earlier reports to the contrary, he could train while banned, no matter if he was a Liverpool or Barcelona player.

Only today FIFA have dialled that back. They can't stop the player from training on his own—FIFA's reach may be wide, but they can't control what Suarez or any other player does on his free time. However, Suarez will still not be allowed to train with his teammates at club facilities. He can train, then; he just has to do it away from teammates and without club involvement.

"This was inaccurate," said a FIFA spokesman responding to reports that Sulser had suggested Suarez could train with his teammates. "Claudio Sulser just said that he could do the medical testing for a transfer but clearly said, as many times earlier, that he cannot do any football activity which includes that he cannot train with the national team nor club."

FIFA will likely have a new detail of Suarez' ban to sort through tomorrow. Until then, talks between Liverpool and Barcelona over his transfer remain ongoing, with Liverpool seeking a fee in line with his full buyout—though that they would allow to be paid in instalments—and Barcelona hoping to secure a bite discount for the player Luis Enrique covets.

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