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Agger Allegedly Flies Home Due to Injury, Barcelona Coincidentally Make Bid

Struggling to keep your Daniel Agger stories straight this week? We're here to help!

Michael Regan

Dejan Lovren was revealed to the world as Liverpool's newest defensive acquisition yesterday, immediately winning hearts and minds with his sleevelessness, enthusiasm for paperwork, and all important ability to lean on things. His confirmation has long been seen as the final nail in someone's coffin at Liverpool, with vice captain Daniel Agger frequently topping the list of players likely to depart now that Lovren has arrived.

The Lovren announcement coincided with several Daniel Agger stories that dovetailed into a tornado of awful for those hoping the Dane will remain on Merseyside for the coming season. Agger did not appear at the team's training session ahead of Sunday's friendly in Chicago,and rumour has it that like Fabio Borini before him he'd sustained an injury and been sent home to Liverpool to rehab at Melwood.

In and of itself, Daniel Agger getting injured wouldn't be much of a story — zing, etc. — but renewed interest from Barcelona inexplicably popped up around the same time in Spanish outlet SPORT. Despite the fact that the Catalan club allegedly decided several months ago that they were no longer interested in Agger's services due to his injury history, failure to capture preferred target Marquinhos has evidently changed their minds and a £12m bid for Agger is their solution.

Aside from the news of the bid, the SPORT story is largely made up of rehashed Agger quotes from the past four (!) years, cherry picked to paint a picture of both fit at Barcelona and discontentment at Liverpool. That Agger recently rubbished rumours about a pending departure and also spoke about playing in Champions League with Liverpool this coming season could very well be meaningless if he ends up departing, but probably gives some weight to the idea that he might yet stay given his propensity for being honest to a fault.

Suffice it to say, if Agger does end up leaving that bluntness will definitely be missed. Speaking with Danish outlet Ritzau, the centre back did not mince words on the subject of Liverpool's recently departed striker Luis Suarez.

"I don't think the transfer of Suarez is that tough," Agger said. "There are some new (players) who will take over. As soon as big players leave, there will be new ones who will come and some other players will raise their game. Hopefully, there will be more additions who will bring some qualities."

There was much excitement over Liverpool's starting line up versus Olympiakos, supporting Agger's theory that the club have the attacking talent they need to survive losing the Uruguayan's talents. It will be a hilarious twist of fate if he ends up teammates with the bite enthusiast once again before the summer is out.

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