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The Week in Comments: "Whiten our teeth and play FIFA for six hours"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

iPads are not cameras.
iPads are not cameras.
Michael Regan

Community Comments

Liverpool Reportedly Set to Complete Deal for Spanish Fullback

Coming Soon to Theaters - He came to Anfield as a Boy-Quillo, but emerged from the crucible as . . . Manquillo.

— saintgrobian

Loic Remy Transfer Off After Striker Fails Medical

nihil in moderato: Zaf Iqbal, Legend.

LiverRed: Zaf Iqbal don’t loic remy.

Liverpool 0, Roma 1: Late Loss at Fenway in Tame Performance

Am a little sick of the snide comments regarding Borini.

He has a contract and is entitled to keep his options open if he desires to. He’s a decent lad and whilst he’s not a world beater, neither is he in the class of downing.

Him playing in these games are just part of building up fitness just as it is for any other player especially since it isn’t clear cut if he’s staying or leaving. If Poyet is that keen on him a shoulder bruising won’t be the end of the world regarding their desire to purchase him.

If he decides to go, we bank the dough. If he decides to stay, good on him and I hope he goes on to prove his point.

— winds
Henderson calming Phillips down after he made that rash tackle just gave me more faith in our future captain.

— HendoHops

Poyet Determined to Sell Borini on Sunderland Switch

Borini isn't an object you can just capture, Gus!

You earn his respect through trust and love!

I want Fabio to settle somewhere so he can start using those personalized addresses stickers on his mail

— Amelia L
“If you score during the preseason tour, they’ll know you’re good.” -Iago Aspas

— stugots05

Liverpool Reportedly Pushing Hard for Bertrand


^^^ this is my very measured and thought out response
that is lacking in any knee-jerk reaction or emotion. Pragmatically this ^^.

— KroosDeu

Jordon Ibe Rounding Out His Game On Preseason Tour

Young ebay, for all the constructive criticism i can find for him, is an Intriguing Prospect. No doubt. You cant consider him in the suso level yet of guys that are knockin on the door, but he cant be down in the conversation of academy maybes either. Kid’s for sure a part of our short term future, one way or the other.

Now, I dont mean to go full Fifa on it, but seriously, consider what this guy is gonna look like at 22, ie the age Suarez was when he was almost exclusively considered an LF. A guy on the wing that scored goals, but prolly not physically imposing enough to be the do it all central option for you. Then Suarez proceeded to rewrite the book on what a do it all central option looks like, and became the do it all do it anywhere option, third best player in the game, 100% a top 100 all time great, probably a top 50 all timer, maybe a top 25er depending on how this barca career turns out.

Now consider Ibe again. He’s got the physicality, but not quite the right closed quarter guile that suarez did – thats kind of a wash in terms of the negatives to overcome. I dont know as suarez was actually any more talented than ibe at 18, but he just had this drive and hunger that took him through to where he is now. If Ibe can have anywhere near that, i think we’re looking at England’s first real culobajo since i have been watching football. Seriously. Ibe doin some aguero-esque things as a 23 yr old CF? Short, no aerial game, but just too many undeniables to not let him roam in a free role, let dreem be the filler for the wide and support areas?

Jus sayin. There are a ton of turns to go in this kid’s development, and I just wouldnt be surprised if the fifa algorithm actuall finally turned out to be spot on with matching a guys ratings to his potential positions. A lotta bajo in that culo.

— latortillablanca

Liverpool Agree £20m Fee for Southampton's Dejan Lovren, Medical Set for Saturday

"Decimation" implies Southampton has lost only 10% of their team.

— Swyler

Official: Liverpool Confirm Transfer of Dejan Lovren from Southampton

Lovren the options

Lovren next to Sakho
That would have a certain swagger,
If you want two ball playing defenders
Then put him next to Dagger.

Coates would be a longshot
But it could lead us to glory
Or just for smiles and giggles
Stick Lovren next to Toure

Skrtel next to Lovren
Would give strikers a real scare
Put please not next to Stevie
That would gives us a nightmare.

— Luis Suarez Dentist

Jose Enrique Eager to Put "Most Difficult" Year of His Life Behind Him

So I have this pet theory
That people assume Enrique makes a lot of mistakes because of his appearance and twitter feed. He’s afflicted with this Senderos-like imminent disaster dunce face and he tweets like a 14-year old, but I really, really don’t remember him making all these defensive errors people go on about. Certainly not to any greater degree than our other FBs. And him being out for the year has allowed this perception to become accepted truth.

Think a lot of people are going to be pleasantly surprised by Enrique this year. He’s really a very good FB.

— Khaine

saintgrobian did some great Photoshopping in this fanpost.

Staff Comment

So Who's Pinky Then, Brendan?

Same thing we do every night, Jose—whiten our teeth and play FIFA for six hours.

— Ed

Gif of the Week

(via Ed)


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