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The Week in Search Terms: How Can I Get in Touch With Bastian Schweinsteiger?

Every week people find their way to the Liverpool Offside by way of all kinds of search terms. Sometimes we go digging for the ones seemingly in need of an answer. This is one of those times.

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Alex Grimm

did liverpool buy cissokho from valencia

No, his time at Liverpool is done. But we'll always have the best season review in the history of season reviews to remember him by.

how can i get in touch with bastian schweinsteiger

If you were looking to stalk a Bayern Munich player you'd probably want to start by waiting outside their training facilities. It'd probably work better if you had a car and binoculars. But as we here at the Liverpool Offside totally don't endorse stalking players—Bayern Munich ones or otherwise—you probably shouldn't keep two cars between yours and his as you follow him home from practice. Don't do that. Seriously.

As for just contacting him, sending a letter care of the club is probably the best approach. And less likely to end in jail time.

has marco reus agreed to join liverpool

No. I know. We're sad, too.

raheem sterling 600k

The initial fee paid for Raheem Sterling when Liverpool bought him from QPR in 2010 was indeed £600k, though with add-ons it could reach—and may have already reached—as high as £5M. QPR also managed to insert a 20% sell-on fee clause into the deal that will see the London club well compensated if Liverpool ever sell the dynamic young attacker.

liverpool griezmann or markovic


Seriously, though, one would imagine the arrival of Remy up top and Markovic out wide means that even if there was any real interest in Griezmann previously—which there has been no evidence of—the club won't be in for him now. The same can probably be said for Xherdan Shaqiri.

steven gerrard loses league and world cup hopes in 5 matches

Way to rub it in. Dick.

stephen sama released

Unfortunately, despite showing some early promise at the youth level, Sama was seen as unlikely to develop into a Premier League-calibre defender and the club allowed his contract to run down. It expired at the end of May. Despite rumours he could end up with VfL Bochum, he has yet to find a new home.

reasons toure leave city

A lack of birthday cake or a lack of playing time, depending on the brother you're asking about.

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