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The Week in Comments: "Motorola LAZR"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

You'll never walk alone, but you might occasionally sit alone.
You'll never walk alone, but you might occasionally sit alone.
Jamie McDonald

Community Comments

Watch: Emre Can v. Preston North End

Can + Hendo = a midfield that Cando midfielding

— wolf-in-wolf's-clothing

Official: Lazar Markovic Joins Liverpool

The Mexican't: What's in the sock? Are those shin guards, or a passport?

Mr. Sanchez: looks like an iPhone

Mcleanrocks: Samsung Galazarxy

PeterRed: Motorola LAZR

We'll all be laughing
when Lallana, Origi, and Lazar lead the line.

— maxo-o
Dude claims he wants to give 100% on the pitch in his interview
He must not know.

— Khaine

The Sterling Effect

Bonzaminka: Just to let you know that the 2 video’s was my 7 day old daughters introduction to the finest football club, and worthy of the event at that. Granted, she let go her bowels at the end, but it definitely wasn’t the subject matter.

Petsen2: You should be happy. She clearly gives a shit :)

Brondby 2, Liverpool 1: Preseason Gets Underway with Loss


also, ;-( why can’t we just sign good players already I mean. Fack. why haven’t we signed Pique or Puyol or Javi Martinez. Why didn’t Lewandowski sign with us. Rodgers out.


— poorscouserbobby

Upbeat Rodgers Pictures Liverpool "Even Stronger"

Nebhamoo: I could write forever about all the things that Rodgers has brought to our club.
I’ll spare you all the long essay and just leave you with this...

Haughmill: Less than 3 what?

foxxes: Left-backs.
Jake: I knew this was Trev within two words!

R2D_2: Which two?

PeterRed: "By redtrev73"

Rumour Mongering: Trabzonspor President Flies to Liverpool Seeking Defender

This would put a premature end to the Marko-Kolo chants

— maninblack

Negotiations Between Liverpool And Sevilla For Alberto Moreno Have Broken Down

legendarywalton: FUCKING BUY FILIPE LUIS.

Nerf: "This player has recently moved and will not move again." Fucking FIFA.

Talk of a Moreno Deal Resurfaces in Spanish Press

Just give him a swimming pool near Melwood where the dolphin can live

— saintgrobian

Swyler nicely summarized what you might want to know if you missed the Brøndby match. LTB advocates for signing Edinson Cavani. The dozens of LACKS AMBITION and ;-( comments.

Staff Comment

Official: Lazar Markovic Joins Liverpool

Premier League defenders? You have an SMS waiting for you...

Sturridge, Markovic, Sterling.

Give them space on the counter? All the best.

— Chuck

Gif of the Week

(via Jimmy Kelley)


  • Total commenters: 244
  • Total comments: 4708
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 8277
  • Total green comments: 600

I don't want to sound like a Gooner here, but our recs have been completely out of control these past few weeks. So many!

Community Notes

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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