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Left Back Plan B: B is for Bertrand

With the Alberto Moreno transfer stuck in a deadlock, Liverpool are reportedly stepping up their interest in Chelsea fullback Ryan Bertrand. Hooray?

Mike Hewitt

If rumours of a Luis Suarez transfer to Barcelona are making people apoplectic with rage for one reason or another, the day's other bit of transfer news should do just the opposite. Ryan Bertrand's name has been tenuously tied to Liverpool for the last six months, and it's been a connection that hasn't exactly whipped fans into an excited BUY NOW frenzy the way many of the club's other targets have this summer.

And yet Liverpool continue to be connected with the Chelsea outsider, with renewed talk about Brendan Rodgers' interest in the player bubbling up throughout the day despite no real developments actually emerging. Bertrand has always been Plan B to Alberto Moreno as Plan A, but with no movement on the horizon with the Spaniard, Rodgers is apparently hopeful of signing Bertrand for £7M from Chelsea.

Lots still hangs in the balance for Liverpool on the transfer front, though, and with the club fast tracking its sale of Luis Suarez to Barcelona , a sudden influx of cash could change the bean counting calculations regarding the appropriate amount to spend on a fullback target. If price is an issue in the Moreno deal, the Suarez sale could help grease the wheels a bit.

Of course, many players not participating in the World Cup are still on vacation and not necessarily eager to interrupt their time off to talk about a transfer. Moreno, for his part, may not be able to take Ian Ayre's calls because he's in the company of porpoises, which might just be the best reason for stalled transfer talks ever.

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