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"Important" Shaqiri to Remain at Bayern Munich

This Week in Xherdan Shaqiri Updates, we discover that people in charge of making real decisions at Bayern Munich have decided the stocky young winger is not, in fact, for sale. This certainly puts Liverpool in a bit of a conundrum.

"Even if you stand up, you still won't be tall enough to ride the roller coaster, Xherdan."
"Even if you stand up, you still won't be tall enough to ride the roller coaster, Xherdan."
Jamie Squire

Last week, it seemed as though Liverpool would be in a race against the clock to quickly get Xherdan Shaqiri's signature on paper before AS Roma could sign the player out from under their noses, Italian Spurs style. Little came of this story, though, as Shaqiri remains a Bayern Munich player enjoying a much deserved post-World Cup vacation.

The rumour of Roma's interest combined with Liverpool's alleged bid were enough to prompt official comment from the powers at be in Munich, though. Like last summer when Liverpool were rumoured to be interested in der Kraftwürfel and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, chairman of Bayern's board, explicitly stated that Shaqiri was neither for sale nor available for a loan, the German club have once more made their thoughts on the matter clear.

"Xherdan is an important player for the future," said Matthias Sammer, Bayern's sporting director. "There are absolutely no thoughts of giving him up. We are happy with him."

They didn't give him up last summer when they declared he was part of their future plans, and there's little reason to think they won't do the same this summer as well. Bayern still have no real reason to sell Shaqiri, aside from the player's own unhappiness with the current hand he's been dealt. That the club continue to think of him as one for the "future" won't necessarily reassure a player hoping to player a bigger role for his team this season, and as our friends at Bavarian Football Works point out, Shaqiri's role in the upcoming season will make a huge impact on whether or not he chooses to extend his contract next year when it comes time to renegotiate.

With Lazar Markovic expecting to be unveiled in the imminent future, many Liverpool fans will breathe slightly easier at the thought of moving forward sans Shaqiri this season. The departure of Luis Suarez means additional resources will need to be brought in up front, but the club may need to start looking elsewhere if it's true they'll find no joy in Munich.

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