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The Week in Comments: ;-(

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Johannes Simon

Community Comments

Liverpool Move for Markovic Still On Despite Multiple Delays


— Tom Pepper
/looks forward to new commenter “Tim Salt”

— Mr Snrub, after the premature departure of our friend Tom Pepper
I am envisioning a future where
Hendycakes hustles into a midfield shoulder barge on Cesc just enough to allow Can to nip in (gloriously), who with his very next touch lays onto Suso’s path. He one twos with Studge (he’s deep and central, cos he’s boss quick and well attuned to this particular bit of build up), springing the young spaniard enough to have a look up and see dreem and Lazar streaking wide, drawing the defense a bit stretchy.

One dribble, two dribbles, zouma steps up – too flat footed – lazar gets a through ball to the left channel. Juuust about outpaces his countryman ivanovic (even though ol brani had a 15 yard angle on him), and manages to outside of the right boot it to the opposite side of the box, peach really, onto dreem’s calm half volley.

Goal. Pants on fire. Yer welcome. Yes, I reckon I will have another, love.

— latortillablanca

Rumour Mongering: Griezmann Offered to Liverpool


— latortillablanca

Rodgers Underlines Liverpool's Strength in Unity in Wake of Suarez Departure

You know what?
Let us be the underdogs… let everyone else say "they can’t do it again", "they’re a 1 man team", and "last year was a fluke". Losing Luis hurts, no doubt. But we don’t need to replace him in 1 move… more accurately, we CAN’T replace him with one player. It’ll have to be a team effort. Players like Coutinho, Henderson, and Lallana will be counted on to score more than they did. Our bench will be counted on to contribute offensively. Most importantly, our defence and midfield will be counted on to plug the holes in the ship. But none of that is impossible, or particularly improbable, especially given the resources we have to augment our existing team. The difference between us and Spurs last year is that we already have the core of our team, and we already have a manager who’s style of play fits the pieces he has.

There’s no doubt in my mind that we can prove everyone wrong, just like we did last year, and I 100% believe that BR will tell the same thing to the team. They’ll be taking it personally that everyone thinks Suarez is the only reason we won.

— Charlottes Webster

Liverpool Interested in Wilfried Bony

Everyone is proceeding under the mistaken notion that Liverpool are actually looking to replace Luis Suarez. A genius cannot be replaced. Even if it happens to be Sanchez et al. Brendan is building a TEAM. Players who complement each other and fit into a SYSTEM. He couldn’t really do that with Suarez, although it was a spectacular success. Now though, he has the chance to structure the TEAM according to his vision.

— Jo Bloggs

Official: Liverpool Confirm Suarez Departure

There's a party going on in Norwich tonight

— Mr Sanchez

Rumour Mongering: Ian Ayre in Spain to Finalize Deal for Alberto Moreno Transfer

Did he go by land, sea or... Ayre?

— Khaine

T.Coolguy had some thoughts on how Liverpool replacing Suarez is like Arsenal replacing RVP. janeytee does some straight shooting on Alexis Sanchez signing for Arsenal. smooth sailing thinks the club did everything it could to keep Luis Suarez.

Staff Comment

Where Liverpool Stand Without Luis Suarez

It’s only natural to be nervous, but the moves made so far—or on the verge of being made—were all happening with or without Suarez. There were very solid rumours of a £60M+ pre-sales budget fuelled by the new TV deal and return to the Champions League. Now the club have the Suarez money and two months to figure out how to use it. And any replacement(s) the club bring in will be playing sooner than Suarez would have been anyhow, even if they come in on deadline day.

So. Be nervous. Be uncertain. Don’t try to pretend losing Suarez makes things better. But, like Ed says, it isn’t the end of the world. Lallana is a fantastic player who out-Silva’d David Silva last season. Sterling will be better. Sturridge is the real deal. Markovic is hugely exciting, as it Can. It’s not the end of the world, people. Just as long as we don’t buy Bertrand. Then it might be.

— Noel

Gif of the Week

Weep for your last ever Delfina Suarez gif, people. (via Khaine)


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Well thats certainly a record number of recs this week.

Community Notes

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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