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Barcelona, Liverpool Set for Talks in London on Wednesday

An armada of Spanish negotiators are set to arrive in the English capital tomorrow to open talks with Liverpool over the future of want away striker Luis Suarez.

Last we heard he's still in Uruguay, but that could change too.
Last we heard he's still in Uruguay, but that could change too.
Jamie Squire

The latest Luis Suarez transfer saga has moved ahead at a breakneck pace since the player issued his apology to bitee Giorgio Chiellini on Monday afternoon. Rumoured to be one of Barcelona's stipulations before going ahead and opening negotiations with Liverpool, the apology spawned an immediate fawning over the Uruguayan by both Barcelona brass and new recruit Ivan Rakitic the following day, and now it seems that Catalan club are ready to put their money where their mouths are.

Using all the precision of NORAD tracking Santa Claus' travels on Christmas Eve, in-the-know Liverpool sources have pin-pointed the location of Barcelona's crack transfer squad and their final destination won't come as a surprise to anyone following this story in depth over the last few days.

With Barcelona allegedly set to offer Alexis Sanchez and €20M in return for Suarez, negotiations won't necessarily be over quickly despite how speedily they'll begin. Liverpool aren't likely to take less than the £80M+ buyout on its own or a similar combination of cash plus Sanchez. Grab your non-perishable food items and retreat into your bunkers, folks, this isn't likely to get happier before it gets unhappier.

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