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Liverpool Agree Fee in Moreno Deal

If news sources in Spain without any kinds of quotes are to believed, Liverpool and Sevilla have come to an agreement over the sale of Alberto Moreno.

David Ramos

With all of Liverpool, Sevilla, and Alberto Moreno allegedly happy to get a deal done to move the young left back to sunny Merseyside from dreary Spain, it was only a matter of time before rumours of the deal being finished started to emerge. After all, we are now in the thick of the real estate rumours phase of this transfer.

According to multiple sources in the Spanish press, Liverpool and Sevilla have allegedly agreed to a price of £17.9m for Moreno's services. No additional Liverpool players are part of the deal, with Sevilla apparently being disinterested in both Suso on loan and Iago Aspas permanently.

Moreno is said to be on a standard five-year deal, although weekly wages have not been disclosed. The player hasn't yet had his ritual welcome by Dr Zaf, but will fly to Liverpool next week to take his medical.

With only the Mirror, the Daily Star, and the Scunthorpe Telegraph reporting on the Spanish sources at this point, it might be wise to take all BREAKING NEWS of the completed Moreno deal with a large grain of salt. There's no reason to think it won't get done given the willingness of all parties involved to get it done, but it may be prudent to consider these rumours a sign of things to come rather than gospel truth.

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