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The Liverpool Offside's Transfer Round-Up: We Need to Talk Edition

Welcome back to a round-up of selected transfer news from other clubs across the footballing land that have happened, could happen, might not happen, should happen, and are about to happen.

He just wants one thing Bayern, just one simple thing.
He just wants one thing Bayern, just one simple thing.
Adam Pretty

We need to talk but not right now.

That's the message from one of Bayern Munich's favourite sons, Thomas Müller. The German international wants to talk with the Bayern hierarchy after the World Cup to clarify his role at the club and it's not unreasonable for a player of his quality to seek assurances about his importance in Pep Guardiola's plans. Müller has been patient, remained professional, and performed well this season as a squad member.

Müller turns 25 this September but 31 appearances out of 34 in the Bundesliga (25 starts) along with 12 appearances in the Champions League (8 starts) isn't a perilous situation for the local hero. Only Dante, Neuer, and Alaba made more Bundesliga starts than the man from Weilheim in Oberbayern. However, there is clearly a sense that he is undervalued somehow and Müller's words were straightforward.

I have reached the point where I want to know if I am an essential component of the Bayern Munich first XI for the new season and if the club has plans for me over the coming years. That's why I will be out to have a meeting. I am not the type of guy that says: ‘All right, I have played a good part and will keep my mouth shut and everyone else is able to do with me whatever he wants.' As a Munich boy your test at Bayern Munich is always a bit tougher, but we [players from the youth academy] are the grassroots of this club.

He also said something about having a special relationship with Louis van Gaal but that's not important right now.

A big Norwegian defender disgracefully discarded by email.

Fulham made a lot of mistakes last season and the revolving door of managers contributed enormously to eventual relegation. It seems that poor management and communication is something that will continue unabated as long-serving players are being released without anything more than an email. That's not the warm and fuzzy send-off one would hope for after spending years as a crucial component in the club's success. Brede Paulsen Hangeland was not pleased.

After six and a half years of hard work and loyalty, and having served the last few years as captain, I am immensely disappointed at how this was handled. I believe I still have much to offer as a footballer and look forward to the next chapter in my career.

Quite a few other high-earning and experienced players were released by Fulham so it's up to the youth to get the London club back in the Premier League. Hangeland will probably be a solid freebie for some Premier League clubs and if he fails to find a club by the start of next season then he'll be one to watch on Football Manager 2015.

Look for that sturdy goalkeeping freebie elsewhere.

Kasper Schmeichel will no longer be a transfer speculation item this summer as he has renewed his contract with Leicester City until 2018. Hooray? The son of Peter seems to think so.

I'm tremendously proud to sign for this great club again. Leicester has felt like home since the day I arrived three years ago and always felt like the right choice for me.

Schmeichel the younger continued to tell the official site more about how great he feels about the future and the like. Leicester City manager Nigel Pearson will be pleased and he does not look like the sort of man you want to displease so well done Kasper's agent.

Something about an excellent midfielder, a fallen European giant, a Dutch manager, and January.

This potential transfer has legs and very long ones that can do an impressive job in a cross country on a wet morning somewhere cold and windy. Think Jordan Henderson and James Milner combined into a super mutant midfielder with an endless reservoir of stamina. Reports of a January move for Kevin Strootman cannot be dismissed and Strootman's agent did his best to play down his client's talents when asked what sort of midfielder was on his books.

He's all - so he's creative, he's box-to-box.

Sounds like he should be playing Champions League football then, which is what he'd be doing at Roma under a young and talented manager.

A Brazilian Spanish international passes his Chelsea medical.

This is a surprise. Diego Costa has completed his medical for the third best team in England two seasons running. José Mourinho did not improve much on his predecessor's league finish except for a few more points but third place is not what Roman Abramovich expects from Chelsea. The Russian oligarch has been busy funding Vitesse as a "thank you but you better keep doing my bidding" but news of an actual, real striker will cheer him up.

This deal was an open secret for months and the £32 million fee for Costa isn't too bad at all. He's had his best season in his career, turns 26 in October, and will play in the World Cup after making his international debut this season. He fits what Chelsea need and has played in a system that is close to the one he'll be moving to. He offers productivity offensively and defensively even though his career to date has not been an illustrious one. Sound familiar?

Diego Costa is a player who works the channels expertly, winds up opponents, finishes well, provides a physical presence, and offers an excellent threat on the counter attack. He has grown over the past two seasons to be a formidable striker and with the transfer fees that many strikers are going for, this could be a good deal. Of course, there's no guarantee with the player moving to a different culture and league but this is one player who might enjoy the Premier League as well as Mourinho more than most.

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