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The Week in Comments: "For £25M he better be good at leaning on stuff"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Someone is obviously unware that Hulk plays for Brazil, not Mexico.
Someone is obviously unware that Hulk plays for Brazil, not Mexico.
Drawlio Joca

Community Comments

Uruguay Advance Oh Hi There Luis Suarez Moment of Insanity

Luis Suarez Dentist: why pretend to understand genius? Van gogh cut off his own ear. The point of genius is that us mere mortals can’t comprehend it. Love youLuis Suarez. Ynwa.

kingofzachland: I was wondering when you’d show up. Do the teeth marks match his records?

Transfer Scouting: Adam Lallana

Liberecak: Hull look like Chelsea. [in a Southampton v Hull gif.]

nihil in moderato: Knew it wasn’t Chelsea before looking at the team names because there are only 7 players behind the ball when the clip starts
For £25M he better be good at leaning on stuff

— GunSaladin

World Cup Day Thirteen: Italy v. Uruguay; Costa Rica v. England

I guess I wasn't the only one who was thinking of Italian for lunch

— saintgrobian

Unnamed Sources Say Suarez Wants Barcelona Move



nihil in moderato: at the Isco?

Rumour Mongering: £110m Worth of Transfer Targets Lined Up for Liverpool

It’s as close as the FIFA uniform regulations will let him get to joining Team No Pants

— ArunK, on Alexis Sanchez's favouring of DIY short shorts

Suarez: "These are Just Things That Happen"

I don't know about ant of you, but I'm ready to get back to discussing the relative merits of full backs in the 12-20 million pound range.

— Liberecak

Indy Red had some nice thoughts on Suarez.

Staff Comment

Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Retain Interest in Deal for Barcelona Forward

saintgrobian: I don’t speak Serbian so someone please reassure me that Markovic isn’t pronounced “La-Me-La”. Cheers.

Noel: I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced PEW-PEW-PEW while you squint and make finger-pistols.

Gif of the Week

(via Chabalala)


  • Total commenters: 233
  • Total comments: 5611
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 5901
  • Total green comments: 369

Community Notes

  • Welcome to all of this week's delurkers, whose names I can no longer find but who we're excited to have nonetheless!
  • If you're looking to chill out, saintgrobian made an LFC mixtape.
  • CaliforniaJag is a new member and new Liverpool fan who had a whole bunch of questions you may be interested in weighing in on.
  • kindred is working out Luis Suarez's value to the team, points-wise, and how his absence — either due to the ban or due to being sold — will impact Liverpool's season.

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