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Suarez Got Additional Games for Lack of Remorse

Hey, remember when FIFA came out with a pretty long ban for Luis Suarez and everyone said "Wait, how'd you calculate that?" Finally, we have a (partial) answer!

While I don't know if this is particularly helpful for Suarez's cause, it makes for a pretty entertaining picture.
While I don't know if this is particularly helpful for Suarez's cause, it makes for a pretty entertaining picture.
Matthias Hangst

Regardless of your position on the subject, you're probably sick to the teeth of talking about Luis Suarez, his bite, and his ban at this point. Unfortunately new details keep emerging, which means as your resident purveyors of Liverpool-related news we have the singular joy of sharing those updates.

Earlier, Suarez's statement to FIFA's disciplinary board was released and the striker did not come across as contrite as many had hoped. It's a feeling that the panel deciding his fate shared, as Suarez's self-described belief that he had simply lost his balance did not square with their interpretation of events, and in fact ended up exacerbating the harshness of his ultimate sentence.

"At no time did the player show any kind of remorse or admit to any violation of FIFA rules and therefore showed no awareness of having committed any infraction," said a FIFA document published by Brazilian outlet Estado de Sao Paulo. "The minimum punishment was not sufficient to have the necessary dissuasive effect. Previous bans did not have an effect."

The disciplinary panel had initially propsed a six match ban from international matches, but after hearing Suarez's defense this plan was obviously scrapped in favour of the nine match ban. There is no word as to what prompted the four month ban from football-related activity, nor whether that was part of the original ban or if it was also tacked on after Suarez presented his statement.

There is still an appeals process to go through should Uruguay choose to do so, and in many quarters there is hope that Giorgio Chiellini's feelings that the sentence is too harsh might go some way towards reducing the ban. It's still possible, but with the disciplinary board having already considered a reduced sentence before deciding otherwise after hearing from Suarez, it seems to be a distant pipe dream at best.

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